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Acid Krush Cigars

By infusing essential oils, herbs, and botanicals with the finest long filler Nicaraguan Tobaccos, Drew Estate has created a kaleidoscope of tastes never before imagined in a cigar.

Affinity Cigars

Affinity by Sindicato is a medium-bodied satisfying cigar that will please even the most stubborn palettes. The cigar features well-aged tobacco and a special Connecticut seed wrapper that has been grown in Ecuador

Aging Room Solera Corojo Cigars

Aging Room Solera Corojo cigars are a prime example of Rafael Nodal's incredible acumen for creating some of the world's most unique premium cigar blends. Using a combination of the best vintages, the Solera method of aging has been used for centuries in the making of wine, sherry, rum and brandy. "Now, for the first time, we are using the Solera system by combining different vintages of tobacco at different stages of the aging process to obtain a fuller flavor and more complex cigar," said Rafael. Donned in a red band, the Aging Room Solera Corojo cigar comprises an all-vintage mix of Dominican Habano fillers & binders deftly rolled in a shimmering Dominican Corojo wrapper. The smoke is nothing short of amazing, brimming with dark, earthy, complex flavors that can only be fully appreciated by lighting one up. Do yourself a favor, and add some to your next order.

Aging Room Solera Shade Grown Cigars

Aging Room Solera Shade cigars prove once again that Rafael Nodal is one of the most skilled blenders the cigar world has ever known. Using grade A tobacco from the Dominican Republic in its core and an Ecuadorian Connecticut Shade Grown wrapper, each component is aged in the Solera method mainly used by wine manufacturers in order to better marry the flavors of the tobaccos to achieve a more well-rounded smoke. The Solera Shade delivers on so many levels, from flavor and construction to aroma and burn, this cigar is a must-have.

Aging Room Solera Sun Grown Cigars

Aging Room Solera Sun Grown cigars present another savory and reasonably-priced selection from this rare and intensely flavorful cigar series by Rafael Nodal. Using different vintage Dominican Cuban-seed tobaccos chosen from various stages in the aging process, then rolled in a sun-kissed Dominican wrapper, the result is a full-bodied, yet seductively smooth smoke with non-stop flavor from beginning to nub. The way it works is, these different tobaccos are married in bales for one year. As they get to know one another, they pick up some of each other's flavor characteristics. And since they're all chosen at the peak of their respective aging times, the finished cigars offer a complexity you won't find in any other premium cigars of this caliber. In his review of the Aging Room Solera Sun Grown "Fantastico," Gary Korb of wrote: "The Solera Sun Grown was wonderfully well-rounded with a creamy, nougaty texture throughout...I didn't want to end." Hard to miss with their bright yellow band, Aging Room Solera cigars are a great choice for both experienced and novice cigar lovers. Add some to your shopping cart today!

Agio Mehari's Cigars

Holland - Agio Cigars is one of the leading cigar manufacturers in Europe, offering brands such as MEHARI'S, PANTER, BALMORAL and DE HUIFKAR.

Al Capone Cigars

Nicaragua - Al Capone's are made with an original combination of Nicaraguan and Brazilian tobacco leaves.

Alcazar Cigars

Features a medium body in an all maduro line. It was originally a Nicaraguan puro, but is now made with a Connecticut wrapper. 100% long filler.

Alec Bradley American Classic Cigars

Alec Bradley American Classic cigars are an affordably-priced edition inspired by the cigars that were popular in America during the early part of the 20th century. A mild to medium-bodied blend of specially-aged Nicaraguan Estelí and Condega longfillers, Nicaraguan Jalapa binder, and a Honduran-grown Connecticut seed wrapper offer you a smooth, creamy and complex smoke with excellent balance, sweet cedar notes, and a distinct nutty flavor on the finish. Another ABC winner! Order your box now.

Alec Bradley American Classic Sun Grown Cigars

Alec Bradley American Classic Sun Grown cigars offer you a savory Nicaraguan puro with a little more depth, body, and spice than their American Classic sisters. Thanks to a sun-kissed Jalapa Habano capa that's richer in flavor and aroma, this opulent leaf surrounds a full-flavored blend of Esteli & Condega long-fillers, plus a Jalapa binder for a smooth, perfectly-balanced smoke with more spice flavors directed to the palate. Very impressive! Add some to your cart now and compare.

Alec Bradley Black Market Cigars

Alec Bradley Black Market cigars are a medium-bodied, luxury-class edition blended with Honduran Jamastran (pronounced ha-mas-tran) and Panamanian longfillers, Sumatra binder, and semi-sweet Nicaraguan Jalapa wrapper cured to a dark, shimmering patina. You'll enjoy an ultra-smooth and creamy smoke laced with spicy notes that finishes with a hint of sweetness on the palate. Order your box of this stunning selection now and discover why Alec Bradley cigars are rated outstanding so often.

Alec Bradley Black Market Esteli Cigars

Under-the-counter and over the top with flavor, Alec Bradley Black Market Esteli cigars are what we?re smoking. This new blend enhances the original Black Market with the spicy and robust full-bodied flavors of Esteli grown tobacco. Binders may be the loneliest tobacco leaf, but Alec Bradley hooked up Black Market Esteli with a flavorful pal. They smuggled not just one, but two binders into this cigar for a smooth combination of Nicaraguan and Honduran tobacco, complimented by a dark Nicaraguan wrapper and Nicaraguan filler. Alec Bradley smuggled this premium to continue the Black Market legacy of luxury class tobacco with a price that?ll make you question if they fell off a truck somewhere. Snag yourself these cigars while the coast is clear!

Alec Bradley Connecticut Cigars

Alec Bradley Connecticut cigars contain a blend of Nicaraguan and Honduran longfillers, with Honduran binders and Ecuadorian Connecticut Shade wrappers. The cigars are mild to medium in strength, with a little more spice and complexity than you'd expect from a Connecticut cigar. Perfect for those who appreciate a flavorful milder cigar, or for the fuller-bodied smoker looking for a mellow or morning burner that still has plenty of flavor.

Alec Bradley Coyol Cigars

From a brand with more accolades than you can count comes Alec Bradley Coyol cigars. Grown at the exclusive La Vega Coyol farm in Honduras, this premium cigar started in the fertile soils and lush fields that share the same land as the majestic Coyol palm trees. Each aspect of this cigar has a part of the Coyol leaf in it, starting with the Honduran and Nicaraguan fillers, a double dose of Honduran and Nicaraguan binder, and Hybrid Honduran wrapper. Alan Rubin, Founder of Alec Bradley, blended the Coyol for enthusiasts who “enjoy rich flavor and aroma.” 90+ rated by customers and 93-rated by Cigar Aficionado, the Coyol provides a bountiful smoke plush with notes of earth, leather, cream, and a subtle sweetness. Right now is your chance to taste this Honduran slice of heaven- order now!

Alec Bradley Magic Toast Cigars

Raise a glass to Alec Bradley Magic Toast cigars. Alec Bradley debuted the secret Magic Toast cigar in 2018 with this spell binding cigar. The peculiar name came after owner Alan Rubin had a midnight rendezvous in a Honduran tobacco field he called “an awe-inspiring experience…almost magical.” Immediately Rubin made a toast to his friends and the future. Made at the famed Raices Cubanas factory, master blenders applied a sumptuous fusion of Nicaraguan and Honduran fillers and binders and covered them with a stunning Honduran wrapper. Need another reason to celebrate? This special occasion cigar comes at a price that’s more than worthy of a few cheers. Order now!

Alec Bradley MAXX Cigars

Alex Bradley The Maxx cigars boast classy new bands and packaging, yet their high-scoring blend remains unchanged. (After all, if it ain't broke don't fix it, right?) All 5 vitolas are handcrafted with long-fillers from Honduras, Nicaragua, Colombia, and Mexico. A Costa Rican binder adds balance and a layer of complexity, while the Nicaraguan Habano wrapper completes this rich, medium-bodied, and affordably-priced offering. Perfect for lovers of wide-body cigars, try a box of THE MAXX today!

Alec Bradley Medalist Cigars

Blended for the cigar smoker who loves full-flavored, complex cigars, Alec Bradley Medalist cigars are handcrafted with three robust filler tobaccos (Nicaraguan Jalapa, Honduran Jamastran and Nicaraguan Esteli), a milder U.S. Connecticut binder, plus a zesty, extra-dark and oily Costa Rican wrapper. These lush, smooth-smoking cigars brim with a well-balanced mix of earthy caramelized flavors, notes of sweet spice, a dash of cocoa, and a hearty aroma. (Presented in boxes of 10 cigars.)

Alec Bradley Post Embargo Cigars

Alec Bradley Post Embargo cigars are their answer to the raging, age-old debate: are Cuban cigars better than non-Cuban cigars? The people at Alec Bradley don't seem to think so - they actually welcome the challenge, because they just plain hate the word "non-Cuban." And that's what got the AB people fired up...if the U.S. were to drop the Embargo and level the playing field for cigar makers, they're prepared to put their cards on the table and see who make's 'em best. So they've throwing down the gauntlet: Alec Bradley Post Embargo, a medium-full mix of Nicaraguan and Honduran long fillers that's been draped in a Honduran wrapper at the Raices Cubanas factory. So what makes this recipe stand out? Flavor, plain and simple - and lots of it. The taste is well-defined and well-balanced, and stands ready to go toe-to-toe with the cigars from Cuba. It's the Alec Bradley challenge, a cigar for smokers to taste and maybe put this whole Cuban/non-Cuban thing to rest. What's a little competition between "friends?" See for yourself - order a box of Alec Bradley Post Embargo cigars today!

Alec Bradley Prensado Cigars

Alec Bradley Prensado cigars are the first all BOX-PRESSED selection from Alec Bradley Cigars, and arguably their most muscular to-date. Made at Raices Cubanas in Honduras, the blend starts with carefully chosen Honduran and Nicaraguan longfillers girded in a Nicaraguan Jalapa binder. But the pièce de résistance of these cigars are the Honduran Trojes Corojo 2006 wrappers. Expect a very smooth, yet potent smoke rife with deep, dark-roasted coffee and pepper flavors. Very impressive!

Alec Bradley Prensado Lost Art Cigars

Alec Bradley Cigars have had their share of top-ranked cigars, including their Prensado line ("Cigar of the Year, 2011"). So, when they decided to release the Alec Bradley Prensado Lost Art cigars, a savory follow-up with another distinctive, full-bodied blend, cigar smokers were filled with anticipation. The Prensado Lost Art blend starts with long-fillers from Nicaragua and Honduras, then employs a dual Nicaraguan & Honduran binder, and complete it with a dark, glistening Honduran Corojo wrapper. "There is a natural succession with this iteration," says Alec Bradley prez, Alan Rubin. "We've taken this well-performing brand that is highly-rated and a fan favorite by introducing a unique variation that lives up to the original's namesake." Actually, Alan was being a bit modest. Handcrafted in five popular box-pressed sizes, the Prensado Lost Art goes far beyond the original in flavor, complexity and aroma. Rich notes of earth, peppery spice, sweet wood, bittersweet chocolate, roasted coffee, and more, abound in this follow-up that will have fans of the original Prensado singing its praises. If that's YOU, or if you just happen to enjoy full-bodied cigars that hit on all cylinders, add some Alec Bradley Prensado Lost Art cigars to your next order.

Alec Bradley Tempus Nicaragua Cigars

Alec Bradley Tempus Nicaragua cigars present a selection of outstanding puros that take their award-winning of Tempus line to a whole new dimension in flavor. Tempus Nicaragua is handmade with premium Ligero & Viso long-fillers from the fertile growing regions of Esteli, Condega, and Jalapa tobaccos in the same class as the 94 rated Tempus, rolled in a choice Jalapa wrapper. Sure to satisfy fans of the best Nicaraguan cigars, these rich, earthy premiums deserve a place in your humidor.

Alec Bradley The Lineage Cigars

Alec Bradley Lineage 1996 cigars are the 'next generation' of their bestselling Family Blend series. This line was made to commemorate company prez Alan Rubin's sons, Alec & Bradley, who became of legal smoking age in 2014. Made at Raíces Cubanas in Danli, Honduras, except for the Torpedo, the cigars all have pigtail caps, while the blend boasts a full-flavored Honduran-Nicaraguan recipe with a stunning Trojes wrapper. Lineage also features the company's first 70-ring cigar. Order yours NOW.

Antonio y Cleopatra Cigars

Puerto Rico - The highly popular Antonio y Cleopatra cigars brand dates back to 1888. Dark Maduros that offer good flavor and a pleasant aroma.

Arturo Fuente Cigars

Dominican Republic - An Arturo Fuente cigar is more that just the finest smoking enjoyment a cigar lover can experience, it represents Four Generations of family tradition.

Arturo Fuente Don Carlos Cigars

Don Carlos Fuente Sr. spent years deciding which rare, vintage tobaccos would go into Don Carlos cigars, considered by many aficionados to be the finest of all Arturo Fuente cigars, including Fuente Fuente OpusX! The Don Carlos is rich, spicy, full-bodied, and wrapped in the most aromatic, specially-selected Cameroon wrappers. To be sure, these luxurious cigars offer the ultimate in construction, consistency and flavor, and deserve a place of honor in any cigar smoker's humidor.

Arturo Fuente Hemingway Cigars

Arturo Fuente Hemingway cigars are made with an exquisite, mild to medium blend of vintage Dominican filler tobaccos and very delicate African Cameroon wrappers (or Maduro, if you can find them). The Fuente family have been making some of the free world's best cigars for generations, and these are right up there with Opus X and Añejo Reserva. If you truly desire getting your hands on a box, we suggest checking the box indicating favorite, and checking your e-mail often. They're THAT good!

Ashton Aged Maduro Cigars

The Ashton Aged Maduro is a dark, sweet cigar that, like all Ashton cigars, has been aged to perfection and handcrafted by Arturo Fuente using a rare blend of select Dominican tobaccos and the finest Connecticut broadleaf wrappers. If you like maduros with smooth flavor and a captivating aroma, this super premium has your name on it!

Ashton Cabinet Selection Cigars

Ashton Cabinet Selection cigars are handcrafted exclusively by the master blenders at Arturo Fuente Cigars. These luxurious, mild to medium-bodied cigars are aged to perfection with a perfectly-balanced blend of select, three to four-year-aged Dominican tobaccos surrounded by golden Connecticut Shade wrappers, then aged one extra year after rolling. Like all Ashton cigars, the construction is first-rate offering you a smoke that's always rich and complex in flavor with a seductive aroma.

Ashton Classic Cigars

Ashton cigars are made from a unique blend of select, specially-aged Dominican leaves and surrounded by smooth-smoking Connecticut shade-grown wrappers. Made in the Dominican Republic by Arturo Fuente, Ashton cigars have a mild, creamy draw and are always consistent in flavor and aroma. Preferred by cigar smokers of every experience worldwide, if you really do appreciate fine cigars, Ashton is a certified 'must try!

Ashton VSG Virgin Sun Grown Cigars

The ultimate Ashton cigars! Ashton Virgin Sun Grown cigars are made 'Carlito's way' by Arturo Fuente with flawless, extra-aged Ecuadorian wrappers and a longer-aged blend of 6 Cuban-seed Dominican fillers, plus an extra-rich Ligero leaf for a fuller, more complex flavor. The box-pressed sizes make for a longer lasting smoke, too. These fine cigars are often out of stock, so act quickly when they're in or add them to 'Your Favorites' list so you don't miss them.

Asylum 13 Connecticut Cigars

Asylum 13 Connecticut cigars have heard your call: big cigars, but something that weighs a little lighter on the palate...and Eiroa, Lazuka & Friends have delivered big time, no pun intended. Rolled in Honduras, home-grown Corojo and Habano tobaccos add a just-enough touch of spice to the mix, with a Connecticut-seed wrapper from Ecuador helping round off the edges. So if you've been wishing for a smooth, big ring cigar that smokes as mellow as the day is long - Asylum 13 Connecticut cigars are proof that dreams do come true. Make space in your humidor and order your box today!

Asylum 13 Corojo Cigars

Asylum 13 Corojo cigars are a truly remarkable cigar. Christian Eiroa goes back to his roots taking advantage of his family farm's amazing Honduran Corojo tobaccos to create a rarely seen Honduran puro. Each cigar is rolled at Asylum's Tabacos Rancho Jamastran factory in Honduras and comes in four sizes including a giant 7x70 and a massive 6x80 for the extreme cigar smoker! Each cigar has an amazingly complex flavor and come perfectly balanced no matter what size you choose. Get yours today!

Asylum 13 Nicaragua Cigars

The Asylum 13 cigars come by way of Christian Eiroa's new cigar company, Tabacaleras Unidas. Rolled in Nicaragua, the Asylum 13 line is an all-Nicaraguan leaf puro presented in four sizes: 5 x 50, 6 x 60, a whopping 7 x 70, and the gargantuan 6 x 80 ringer. Expect a full-body, high-palate smoke that takes you on a smooth and complex excursion laced with notes of cocoa, espresso, sweet tobacco and spice. Ideal for lovers of wide ring cigars. Add some to your cart now.

Asylum 13 The Ogre Cigars

Asylum 13 The Ogre cigars are rolled barber pole style in dual Nicaraguan Habano and Candela wrappers, plus an all Nicaraguan filler & binder core, for one of the most complex and intriguing puros you'll ever put to your lips. The Ogre ring sizes range from a 5x50 Robusto to a 6x80 tree trunk. The smoke is ultra-smooth with layers of flavor that are revealed inch-by-savory inch. Each cigar is protected by a tissue paper over-wrap and presented in boxes of 30 or 50 cigars. Order yours now.

Asylum Insidious Cigars

Asylum Insidious cigars are a milder, more traditional-sized, and sweet departure from Asylum's more heavy-handed fare. Aimed at newer cigar smokers, this crafty tobacco sundae takes a big scoop of rich, earthy Honduran tobaccos, dips them in a caramel-colored Ecuadorian Connecticut wrapper, and tops it all with a sweetened cap. In more good news for newbies, Insidious is also very wallet-friendly. If you want one of the best Honduran cigars in an affordable starter smoke, order yours NOW.

Avanti Cigars

USA - Francis Ford Coppola likes these cigars so much that he established his own private label to sell them at his winery in Napa.

Avo Classic Cigars

Avo Classic premium cigars were originally created by Zino Davidoff for acclaimed composer, Avo Uvezian, to keep by his piano. 5 different Dominican tobaccos grown in the rich Cibao Valley - including one 25-year-aged leaf - are deftly rolled in silky, blonde Ecuadorian Connecticut wrappers. The result in a mild, creamy smoke with an extraordinary balance of flavors that flow across the palate like one of Avo's intricate piano solos. Try a box or a 5-pack and start enjoying the harmonious flavor and aroma of Avo right now.

Avo Domaine Cigars

Dominican Republic - The perfectly balanced marriage of five different tobaccos, mostly from the Cibao Valley of the Dominican Republic, gives the AVO line, a smooth rich flavor in a mild-bodied cigar.

Avo Syncro Nicaragua Cigars

A first for Avo Cigars, the Avo Syncro Nicaragua series is an all-box-pressed cigar selection teeming with Nicaraguan fire and Dominican flair, all finished in a beautiful, dark and oily Ecuadorian Connecticut wrapper. This outstanding blend begins with a uniquely sweet and spicy tobacco grown in the rich soil that lies beneath one of Nicaragua's most active volcanoes on the island of Ometepe. Known for its wild character and peppery notes, Avo Cigars carefully blended this Nicaraguan tobacco with Peruvian Olancho and only the finest San Vicente Mejorado and hybrid Olor/Piloto Dominican leaves, famous for their earthy flavors and soft, creamy notes. Stimulating the Nicaraguan and Dominican taste experiences at the same time, this fusion delivers a perfectly smooth and balanced smoke with an impressive amount of depth, complexity, harmony and taste. "I am delighted to share with you this exciting new line of Avo cigars that are ready to give the performance of a lifetime," says Avo Uvezian. "It's about a blending of various cultures and experiences perfectly in sync with the moments worth sharing."

Avo Syncro Nicaragua Fogata Cigars

AVO Syncro Nicaragua Fogata cigars reveal an entirely new frontier in premium cigar smoking pleasure. Pulsing with the rhythm of Nicaragua's intense Estelí and Condega tobaccos that are balanced by the softer, creamier notes of the richest Dominican-grown tobaccos, you'll savor every note while enjoying a fusion of lusciously complex flavors that resonate in perfect harmony. "Fogata, which means 'Bonfire' or 'Campfire' in Spanish, was a great inspiration for this new cigar," said internationally renowned composer, jazz pianist, and cigar aficionado, Avo Uvezian. "It's one of my favorite settings for sharing unforgettable and intimate moments with my closest of friends. With Syncro Nicaragua Fogata, we went off the beaten path in search of more intense taste experiences and are proud to now share this vibrant new blend with you." The Fogata blend is a major departure from the original AVO Syncro Nicaragua edition. Dominicana Yamasa Viso, Piloto & San Vicente Ligero, plus Estelí, Nicaragua Ligero, and Visos from Condega, Nicaragua, are bound in a Mexican San Andrés negro binder, then seamlessly rolled to perfection in an Ecuadorian Habano 2000 Clara wrapper. The result is an intense, yet creamy-smooth and well-balanced smoke teeming with layer-upon-layer of savory elements laced with a captivating spicy sweetness. If you like the original AVO Synchro Nicaragua, you're gonna love this stunning line extension. Offered in four sizes, choose the AVO Synchro Fogata that's right for you and add some to your cart today.

Avo Syncro Ritmo Cigars

AVO Syncro South America Ritmo Cigars present another luxurious AVO cigar experience for cigar passionados seeking the ultimate in complex flavor and aroma. Presented in four box-pressed shapes, the blend is a virtual jam session of primal rhythms composed of seven aged-to-perfection tobaccos. Spanish for "rhythm," the AVO Syncro "Ritmo" starts with Nicaraguan, Peruvian, Brazilian, Honduran, and Dominican long-fillers, all framed by a Mexican binder, and seamlessly box-pressed in an Ecuadorian-grown wrapper. Flavors of roasted nuts and black pepper start the set to awaken the palate, rounding-out to chewy flavors of earth and spice along with some extra zing from the binder. During the last chorus, notes of cocoa and black coffee emerge on a rich creamy finish - all without missing one satisfying beat. A MUST for all AVO cigar fans, as well as cigar smokers seeking a totally unique and memorable smoking experience. Be sure to add some AVO Syncro South America Ritmo cigars to your prized collection for those special moments of utter relaxation.

Avo XO Cigars

Dominican Republic - The Avo XO series offers a rich blend of six tobaccos, using a Dominican-grown, Havana-seed binder with the Connecticut Shade wrapper.


Baccarat Cigars

This cigar has a surprisingly sweet taste. The secret is the gum used to seal the wrapper leaf. Baccarat uses a fruit juice-based gum.

Back2Back Cigars

At the 2018 IPCPR Trade Show, Davidoff of Geneva launched a new brand called Back2Back. While the brand may be new, the blends are ones that might be familiar to cigar enthusiasts.

Backwoods Cigars Special $3.00 off

Bellas Artes by AJ Fernandez Cigars

Bellas Artes cigars are a true testament to the fine art of cigar making that comes from the gifted hands of none other than A.J. Fernandez.

Black & Mild Cigars Special $3.00 off

Blackstone Cigars

Black Stone is a superior blend of pipe tobaccos specially created for use in cigars.

Bluntville Cigars Special $3.00 off

Bluntville cigars feature a double wrapper for a faster burn.

Bold by Nish Patel Cigars

Bold by Nish Patel cigars are quite a distinctive departure from the popular Rocky Patel fare millions of cigar smokers have come to love.

Bolivar Cigars

In a heroic tradition all its own, Bolivar is the bold cigar that pays tribute to Simon Bolivar, the great liberator who led the wars of independence in the nations we know today as Venezuela, Colombia, Panama, Ecuador, Peru and Bolivia.

Brick House Cigars by J.C. Newman

At a pricepoint of less than $5 per cigar you can rest assured that you won't feel bad about putting this one out before the end. It's not likely you will though - the Brick House is made with only the finest tobaccos.

Brioso Cigars

An affordable indulgence, Brioso is a new collection of four handcrafted cigars aptly named to describe this dynamic addition to the premium cigar category.

Butera Cigars

Butera Cigars were originally manufactured by Michael Butera, the famous pipe maker in Texas. They are now among the finest 'boutique' cigars made by Altadis USA.


Camacho BXP Connecticut Cigars

A box pressed miracle is in our midsts, friends. Camacho BXP Connecticut cigars feature a perfect blend of Ecuadorian and Honduran tobaccos: we're talking a generous helping of Camacho-exclusive Generoso and Aléman ligero long fillers, coupled with their classically spicy Corojo binder - all wrapped up in smooth Ecuadorian CT wrapper. A first-rate, everyday smoke for sure, but now this tangy Camacho recipe has been subjected to a careful box-pressing for maximum flavor. The 'just-right' medium-body of the BXP Connecticut is perfect for any libation. Order now and load up on these mouthwatering Honduran-made cigars today!

Camacho BXP Corojo Cigars

Camacho BXP Corojo cigars are a smoker's utopia of hefty Honduran flavor - and at a reasonable price, to boot. A classic blend of all Honduran tobaccos, the specially aged Corojo is delicate like fine china, yet powerful enough to knock your socks off. Perfect for the full-bodied cigar smoker, BXP Corojo offers an intensely flavorful smoke with a spicy earthiness and notes of cedar in the profile. Grab your box of this square-pressed beauty today.

Camacho BXP Ecuador Cigars

You know that just-right feeling? Camacho BXP Ecuador cigars are it: the pin-point perfect balance of spicy and sweet, strength and smoothness. Hand-rolled then box-pressed to Camacho's exacting standards, the BXP features their ever-versatile Ecuadorian Habano wrapper over top of a smooth, yet hearty Brazilian Mata Fina binder and an array of Dominican and Honduran long fillers. The BXP Ecuador is 'smooth as butter on silk sheets,' we've been told - pick up your box today!

Camacho Connecticut Cigars

Camacho Connecticut cigars were created in response to countless consumer and retailer requests for a more mild-mannered Camacho cigar, as opposed to their fuller-bodied offerings. Camacho Connecticut cigars contain a blend of Honduran and Dominican longfillers, Honduran binders, and silky Ecuadorian Connecticut wrappers. While mildly spicy, these Connecticut-wrapped cigars offer superb balance and signature Camacho body. Camacho Connecticut cigars are a wonderful change of pace when you yearn for full flavor without all the strength.

Camacho Corojo Cigars

Camacho Corojo cigars are truly superb tasting, fully-aged cigars with a distinctive 'Havana-like' flavor. Handmade from select, two-year-aged vintage tobaccos for a robust, yet smooth smoking experience, the tobaccos are genuine, first-generation Cuban seed (1997 vintage) Corojo leaf grown in Honduras' Jamastran Valley, where the fertile soil and climate compare to Cuba's renowned Vuelta Abajo Region. Try a box today and taste for yourself.

Camacho Ecuador Cigars

Camacho Ecuador cigars boast a gorgeous Ecuadorian-grown Habano wrapper that caps a core of potent, high-priming Honduran and Dominican tobaccos bound in an earthy Brazilian Mata Fina leaf. Grown in the nitrogen-rich soil at the base of the Andes mountains, this Ecuadorian leaf is unique unto itself in color, texture and aroma. That's reason enough to buy this cigar, but it's the initial blast of pepper and the profusion of complex flavors that make this cigar a rock star. Order yours NOW.

Camacho Nicaraguan Barrel-Aged Cigars

For 40 years, Camacho has exceeded expectations when it comes to quality, flavor, and originality - and Camacho Nicaraguan Barrel Aged cigars are no exception. This full-bodied beast pulls a few pages from the American Barrel Aged and Powerband cigars’ playbook - all while delivering old-world, Cuban style rolling techniques. The blend features a complex mix of Dominican Piloto Cubano, Honduran Corojo, and Nicaraguan Corojo leaves that have been aged in Flor de Cana rum barrels for 5 months, all of which are bunched in the same proprietary method used only for their famed Powerband cigars. Add in a sweet Negrito San Andreas binder and vintage 2000 Ecuadorian Havana wrapper- the Camacho Nicaraguan Barrel Aged is anything but simple. A flavorful cigar such as this is hard to ignore, so grab yours today and light up!

Camacho Triple Maduro Cigars

Camacho Triple Maduro cigars are so named for the Maduro tobaccos comprising the wrapper, filler, and binder. After immense effort, this line was finally introduced in 2007. So while they are full-bodied enough to sit the most experienced aficionado back down in his seat, they're never bitter or overpowering. Expect clouds of white smoke full of earthy flavors, producing a remarkable aroma laced with unsweetened cocoa and coffee on a long finish. Only 300,000 were produced, so get yours soon!

CAO Brazilia Cigars

This highly-rated CAO cigars series was created to celebrate the vivacious spirit of Brazil. Packaged in festive colored boxes, with most sizes in extra-wide ring gauges, CAO Brazilia cigars are blended with rich tasting, smooth-smoking Nicaraguan fillers & binders. Each cigar is expertly wrapped in oily, dark-brown Brazilian leaves harvested from a rare, outstanding crop, and carefully aged to the peak of flavor for a vibrant full-bodied and aromatic smoke. One of CAO's best cigars!

CAO Cameroon Cigars

CAO Cameroon cigars were first introduced in 1999 and have received ratings as high as '92,' which is why these box-pressed cigars from Nicaragua are sure to satisfy the full-flavor-loving palate. The vintage Cameroon wrappers perfectly complement the rich Nicaraguan filler and binder for a taste that's been described as 'smooth from start-to-finish' with complex flavors and an equally complex aroma with scents of cocoa, coffee bean and cedar.

CAO Colombia Cigars

If CAO Colombia is your introduction to Colombian tobacco - we think you'll become fast friends. This CAO World selection shines through its unorthodox use of Colombian tobacco, smoking mild-medium in body and medium-full in flavor. A dash of saltiness, among other delectable nuances too rarely found in cigars, is on display by virtue of its multi-nation blend; adding the light Honduran wrapper is like adding the butter atop the toast. Buy your box and unlock the treasures within CAO Colombia!

CAO Consigliere Cigars

CAO Consigliere cigars are a super-premium cigar edition that offers the kind of flavor you could say is . . . hard to refuse. Made in Estelí, Nicaragua, CAO Consigliere is built on a core of Colombian, Dominican, and Nicaraguan long-fillers, a Honduran binder, and a dark, mouthwatering Brazilian Mata Fina wrapper. The result is a creamy, complex antipasto of a smoke that issues notes of earth, sweet spices, cedar, roasted nuts, and a splash of cappuccino. If you're in the market for a reasonably-priced, medium-full smoke with great balance and just the right amount of sweetness, CAO Consigliere has your back. Excellent with espresso, don't start the festa without the Consigliere. Capisce?

CAO Flathead Cigars

CAO Flathead cigars are for the car lover in us all. Each BOX-PRESSED cigar in the line is named for a legendary hot rod engine or part, and comes in a beautifully crafted box to commemorate the old school muscle cars. The blend contains flavorful Nicaraguan long-fillers, a smooth yet spicy Ecuadorian Habano CT binder, and a Connecticut Broadleaf Maduro wrapper to add sweetness and round-out the spicy binder leaf. No doubt, another great offering from CAO. Pick-up your box or 5-pack today!

CAO Flathead Steel Horse Cigars

CAO Flathead Steel Horse cigars are a wickedly full bodied offering from Rick Rodriguez that'll rev up your taste buds as you swear you can hear the engine roar. With tobaccos hailing from five cigar producing nations - Honduras, Nicaragua, Brazil, Dominican Republic and a dark and oily Connecticut Habano Oscuro wrapper leaf - the complexity of this cigar must be smoked to be believed - yeah, it's THAT good. It's got nice complexity that gives off distinct flavors of chocolate, wood and espresso. We say it's a MUST TRY on this one!

CAO Gold Cigars

CAO Gold cigars, like all of CAO's selections, are praised for their rich flavor and expert craftsmanship. This affordably-priced edition is blended with choice Nicaraguan long-fillers and golden, silky Ecuadorian Connecticut wrappers. Mild in body, the smoke offers a smooth, effortless draw offering mellow, toasty-nutty flavors and a sweet aroma. A great cigar for introducing yourself to the CAO family of premium cigars. Invest in Gold by ordering a box, or start with a 5-pack today!

CAO Italia Cigars

CAO Italia cigars are made with Italian Habano longfiller tobaccos grown exclusively for CAO cigars from seeds that were brought to Italy from Cuba over 50 years ago. Grown in the southern Benevento region of Italy between Rome and Naples, this tobacco lends an incredibly unique, earthy sweetness to the blend. Fillers from Nicaragua and Peru are also used, plus a rich-tasting Honduran Habano seed binder and wrapper, for a robust, yet remarkably smooth, medium to full-bodied smoke. Un fumo favoloso!

CAO MX2 Cigars

Designed for the 'seasoned' cigar smoker, CAO MX2 premium cigars (Maduro times 2) use TWO aged Maduro wrappers with a rich, complex and seductively smooth blend that combines the best tobaccos from six different countries. The outer wrapper is a well-fermented Connecticut Broadleaf Maduro, while the inner wrapper (the binder) is a zesty Brazilian Maduro leaf. They surround a sweet and spicy mix of exquisite tobaccos from Nicaragua, Honduras, Peru and the Dominican Republic. One of CAO's BEST!

CAO Nicaragua Cigars

Travel the world in style with exotic CAO Nicaragua Cigars. While CAO has taken us for a world tour of tobacco- going to Italy, Columbia, and American, the Nicaraguan brands returns to its roots in this World Series addition. With each vitola named after a Nicaraguan city, the blend is a sumptuous combination of Nicaraguan long fillers from each renowned growing region, enveloped in Honduran Jamastran wrapper and binder. This pit-stop on the Pan-American tour moves away from the bold and spice and provides an elegant, complex smoke denoting a delicate creaminess, wood, and nuts. Order yours today and finish the tour!

CAO Pilon Cigars

CAO Pilon cigars are perhaps some of the most unique cigars you'll smoke. Instead of simply fermenting the tobaccos as any company normally would, CAO slowed the fermentation process by stacking their pilon in a circular pattern, thus enhancing the flavor through this naturally extended process. This process is a time-honored tradition that dates back to Cuba in the 19th century. The result is a collection of impressive 90+ ratings by some of the top cigar publications. Let this Nicaraguan packed, Ecuadorian wrapped cigar take your taste buds for a ride, and get yours now!

Captain Black Cigars Special $3.00 off

Captain Black Little Cigars are made in the USA and offer a smooth aromatic smoke. Filter tipped.

Casa Bella Cigars

100% handmade in the Dominican Republic, Casa Bella is a superior cigar and an exceptional value.

Casa Blanca Cigars

Milder cigars from Santiago in the Dominican. In a word, delicious!

Casa de Garcia Cigars

Casa de Garcia cigars provides a top quality smoke at a discount price.

Charter Oak Cigars

Charter Oak cigars are an affordably-priced premium cigar edition from Nicholas Melillo that reaffirms his passion for U.S. Connecticut cigar tobacco in both shade-grown and broadleaf maduro selections.

Cheap Bastard Cigars

The Cheap Bastard Cigar is a beautiful thing. These 100% handmade Dominican cigars of long and medium filler (Cuban Sandwich style) are of such high quality you would never expect that they are also the most affordable cigars around.

Cherokee Cigars Special $3.00 off

Whatever the flavor, Cherokee Filtered Cigars are smooth and affordable, the best for any occasion.

Cheyenne Filtered Cigars Special $3.00 off

Cheyenne International introduced this line in 2004, with a homogenized wrapper and short-fill, American-grown tobacco inside. Cheyenne Cigars are available in a wide variety of flavor that makes any tobacco break enjoyable!

Chiefwoods Cigars Special $3.00 off

Clipper Cigars Special $3.00 off

Manufactured by one of the oldest cigar brands in the United States, Clipper Cigars are sure to deliver the excellence associated with their tobacco products.

Cohiba Black Cigars

Cohiba Black cigars are wrapped in a hearty U.S. Connecticut Broadleaf aged on the plant to produce an exceptionally rich, dark tobacco taste. The filler is Dominican and Mexican with a sun-grown Dominican Piloto Cubano leaf, all of which are aged in palm tercios for three years. The result is an incredibly smooth, espresso-like smoke with a complex, medium-bodied flavor. If you already enjoy the natural COHIBA® cigars, this selection should be a welcome addition to your humidor.

Cohiba Blue Cigars

Introduced in 2017, Cohiba Blue cigars push the rich-tasting luxury cigar envelope of this world-famous cigar brand even further - and at a very reasonable price. Made with specially-selected tobaccos handcrafted by the most gifted rollers, Cohiba Blue has a diverse, medium-bodied blend of Honduran Jamastran, Nicaraguan Ometepe and Dominican Piloto Cubano long-fillers, plus an Honduran Olancho San Agustin (OSA) binder, seamlessly rolled in a silky, Honduran Olancho San Agustin Rosado-hued wrapper. The smoke is rich, complex and velvety-smooth with subtle earthy notes augmented by hints of sweet spice, cocoa, caramel and a seductively sweet aroma. Whether you're already a Cohiba cigar disciple or looking for a true luxury-class cigar you can enjoy any time of day, Cohiba Blue will make a great addition to your prized cigar collection.

Cohiba Nicaragua Cigars

Cohiba goes full-tilt, full body and leaves the DR behind to do it. The goal? Blend a Nicaraguan that smokes Cohiba-rich; and boy, have they hit the mark. Clad in oily Honduran sun grown Oscuro, this proprietary Cohiba blend is lush to the core making for a spicy, feisty boldness, but still surprises with a touch of sweet. And in classic Cohiba style, the Nicaragua smokes cool and creamy to the finish. Already extravagant, this smoke corners the market on decadent - buy your box and dig in.

Cojimar Cigars

Flavored cigars that are mild-bodied and sugar tipped.

Criss Cross Cigars

Criss Cross Cigars have quickly became a favorite among cigarette and cigar smokers because of their taste, quality and construction.

Cuellar Connecticut Kreme Cigars

An easygoing smoke that delivers the delightfully mellow sensations your taste buds desire, along with nuts, wood, mellow spice and a note of natural tobacco sweetness.

Cuesta Rey Centenario Cigars

Expertly hand-rolled by A. Fuente in the DR, the Cuesta Rey Centenario and 'Centennial' cigars are distinguished by their smooth, rich flavor blended from only the finest long filler tobaccos, Dominican binder and five-year-aged Connecticut shade natural or Connecticut sun-grown Maduro wrappers. Every Cuesta Rey Centenario and Centennial cigar is aged inside a special cedar-lined humidor for 120 days to achieve the ultimate in taste, flavor and aroma.

Cuesta Rey Centro Fino Cigars

Cuesta Rey Centro Fino cigars provide a smooth, yet more full-bodied flavor than regular Cuesta Rey cigars. The cigars are handmade at Tabacalera A. Fuente in the Dominican Republic and flawlessly rolled in lush, Sumatra-seed wrappers sun-grown in the fertile Quevedo region of Ecuador. The filler is a hearty blend of 5 year-aged Dominican ligero longfiller for a luxurious, full-flavored evening smoke. Truly in a class by themselves, and another fine example of fine Arturo Fuente craftsmanship.

Cusano 18 Cigars

Davidoff made, these beauties are top of the line premiums at ridiculously low prices. Where else are you going to find a deal this outrageous on premiums this good? For starters, the tobaccos in both blends are 18 years old -- yes, you heard me - 18 years old! Oh, and did I mention they were made by Davidoff? Let's start with Cusano 18 Connecticut, shall we? Creamy and oozing with delicious flavor - this beauty sports a ridiculously rich Connecticut shade wrapper with 18-year-old Ligero Piloto and San Vicent Olor leaves at the core. Great construction leads to an unbeatable burn, and the combination of tobaccos give this beauty notes of cedar, leather, and some cream at the finish. Cusano 18 Maduro is unique to say the least - it uses two maduro wrappers, a Connecticut Broadleaf on the surface and a Brazilian Mata Fina in the filler. This combination leads to a rich, spicy, and silky smooth flavor. This medium-bodied beauty is exactly what you would expect from a cigar this unique.

Cusano CC Cigars

From Cusano Cigars, one of the top boutique cigar manufacturers who have earned high-scores for their flavorful boxed cigar selections, comes this full-flavored Cusano CC bundle edition. Each Cusano CC is blended with mixed premium-grade Dominican tobaccos and savory Ecuadorian Sumatra wrappers. These hand-rolled cigars offer superb quality, easy draw, good balance, and rich, 'old Cuban-style' flavor. Presented in bundles of 20, these affordably-priced cigars are an excellent 'everyday' value.

Cusano M1 Cigars

Cusano M1 cigars are mellow, Dominican-made primos rolled in Ecuadorian Connecticut Shade wrappers and top-grade Dominican fillers of various lengths. Modeled on one of the world's best Dominican cigars, they are IMPRESSIVELY close, and the affordable prices make the Cusano M1 selection one of the best cigar buys in the store. And if you think quality is an issue, fugettaboutit. Cusano cigars are made at Henke Kellner's Tabadom Factory in Santiago. Order a bundle today and taste for yourself.

Cusano P1 Cigars

From the minds behind AVO and Davidoff comes the Cusano P1 cigar. Cusano has a reputation for being a highly enjoyable line of cigars, albeit a bit pricey. With the P1, Cusano sought to make a premium cigar with a more modest price tag.


Dark Horse Cigars Special $3.00 off

Offering the authentic taste they are famous for, but in a much milder and smoother form, Dark Horse filtered cigars are the best in their class.

Davidoff Cigars

The choicest leaves from various harvest undergo four years of aging, which imparts to Davidoff cigars their rich aroma and consistently smooth taste.

De Nobili Cigars

Machine made cigars in the Italian style.

Deans Cigars Special $3.00 off

Dean's Cigars are skillfully blended for a light aroma and mild smoke.

Decision Cigar Bundles

These short-filler, earthy and rustic cigars are made from imported Dominican fillers and are finished in Broadleaf Maduro wrapper. These are one of the least expensive authentic Maduro cigars available.

Diamond Crown Cigars

Packaged in elegantly-appointed boxes of 15, these aromatic cigars are expertly handcrafted by Tabacalera A. Fuente and Newman families using only the rarest tobaccos and double-fermented Connecticut Shade-grown or Broadleaf Maduro wrappers. A number of elegant shapes are available, each rolled to a 54 gauge ring, and are also available in economical 5-packs. The cigars are equally matched by Diamond Crown's luxurious line of cigar humidors made exclusively by Reed & Barton.

Diamond Crown Julius Caeser Cigars

Julius Caeser Cigars are a new offering by J.C. Newman and produced by the legendary Fuente Family. These savory cigars were blended to honor the founder of J.C. Newman cigars, Mr. Julius Caeser. Each cigar contains a secret blend of tobaccos harvested in Central America, encased in an Ecuadorian Habano wrapper for a smooth, complex smoke with a medium strength profile. A fitting tribute for the man who founded one of the best high end cigar companies in the world. Pick yours up now!

Diamond Crown Maximus Cigars

Diamond Crown Maximus cigars are a full-bodied compliment to the original Diamond Crown series. Created for JC Newman by Tabacalera A. Fuente, a dark, Ecuadorian el Bajo Sungrown wrapper surrounds a robust blend of patiently cured and aged Dominican tobaccos for a rich, complex, and perfectly-balanced smoke. These limited production cigars are presented in uniquely designed chests of 20 cigars that form the letter 'M' or in 5-packs. Truly a rare treat for the savvy cigar epicurean.

Diesel Cigars

Diesel cigars are the finely tuned sports cars of the cigar world. With plenty of power under the hood, yet a remarkably graceful and smooth ride, there’s plenty to love about this high-octane blend. Started in Nicaragua under the watchful eye of renowned blender A.J. Fernandez, Diesel is a high-octane blend that strives to bring top-shelf quality and flavor to Everyday Joe at everyman prices. So go ahead, put the pedal to the floor and grab some Diesels today.

Djarum Cigars

The consistently high quality and range of our products has established Djarum as a major presence in the global tobacco industry.

Don Diego Cigars

A classic Dominican cigar with a silky-smooth, almond-colored Connecticut Shade wrapper.

Don Jose Cigars

Don Jose is a popular "value bundle" perfect for the smoker who likes quality without high prices and fancy packaging.

Don Mateo Cigars

Good construction and quite a bit of earthy flavor make this a popular daily cigar for many longtime, budget-conscious cigar smokers.

Don Pepin Garcia Blue Cigars

Don Pepin Garcia cigars are a royal, full-bodied treat for cigar smokers who crave rich, spicy tobacco taste. Created by Cuban-born master blender José Pepin Garcia (of Tatuaje and Padilla Miami 8/11 cigars fame), these hearty puros are worthy of having his name on it. Each cigar blended with Nicaraguan Corojo & Criollo long-filler tobaccos seamlessly rolled in Nicaraguan Corojo wrappers. The cigars are identical in color and burn evenly with a bold, balanced, yet non-overpowering flavor.

Don Pepin Garcia Cuban Classic Cigars

Don Pepin Garcia Cuban Classic premium cigars are handcrafted in the classic Cuban puro tradition with an all Nicaraguan-grown tobacco blend highlighted by a dark, flavorful Habana Rosado wrapper. Produced at Don Pepin's factory in Esteli, Nicaragua using a diverse blend of Nicaraguan longfillers and binder, the smoke is thick and creamy dominated by a strong cedar flavor. The cigar becomes more complex as it smokes, revealing notes of spice and coffee on a long finish with a rich, sweet tobacco aroma.

Don Pepin Garcia Series JJ Cigars

Don Pepin Series JJ cigars are flawlessly constructed with Nicaraguan longfiller and binder tobaccos capped in light-brown Nicaraguan Corojo Rosado wrappers. Fitted with Cuban-style triple caps, the smoke is medium to full-bodied, opening with Pepin's signature blast of pepper. This quickly mellows to reveal rich, creamy notes of wood, leather, and coffee. With impressive burning characteristics, these highly-rated gems are an absolute must-try for fans of deep, Nicaraguan tobacco flavor.

Don Tomas Clasico Cigars

Don Tomas Clasico cigars are presented in your choice of Honduran Havana-seed Natural or U.S. Connecticut Maduro wrappers with a rich-tasting blend of fully-aged Honduran & Dominican long-filler tobaccos. These affordable, well-made cigars have a near-perfect draw and burn. The natural is medium-bodied, well-balanced and creamy smooth with aromas of sweet spice, while the Maduro is a little sweeter and more robust. Add a box of this classic, full-flavored Honduran brand to your cart now.

Don Tomas Sun Grown Cigars

Don Tomas Sun Grown cigars were introduced in 2007. The tobaccos used in these puros are grown exclusively in Honduras's Jamastran Valley. They're expertly fitted in a beautiful, medium-brown sun Honduran Sun Grown wrapper. The result is a crisp, medium to full-bodied smoke brimming with nutty flavors, a touch of cedar, and some mild spice. Their agreeable price, combined with an enjoyable flavor profile and aroma, makes them a wise choice for an affordable, every day cigar.

Double Diamond Cigars Special $3.00 off

Offering cigars made with high-quality dried and fermented tobacco, Double Diamond is the perfect brand for a smoke that will relax your senses without overpowering them.

Dutch Delites Cigars

Praised as Europe�s hottest selling mini-cigars, or cigarillos, Delites are small enough in size and price to enjoy anytime.

Dutch Masters Cigars Special $3.00 off

Superior tobaccos skillfully blended by the Masters at Dutch Masters.


E. P. Carrillo La Historia Cigars

EPC La Historia cigars are a tribute to each member of the Perez-Carrillo family who made this young, yet legendary company what it is today. Made in a limited edition, a blend of Dominican & Nicaraguan long-fillers, Ecuadorian Sumatra binder, and a Mexican San Andrés wrapper make these full-flavored, box-pressed cigars simply too good to miss. Collectors who buy cigars online have been hitting our website like crazy so they can claim their La Historias before they're gone - so get yours now!

E. P. Carrillo New Wave Connecticut Cigars

E. P. Carrillo New Wave cigars are deftly rolled in lush Ecuadorian Connecticut wrappers that cap a perfectly-balanced blend of Nicaraguan & Dominican longfillers. The smoke is mild, ultra creamy, and brimming with light spice, nutty and sweet flavors. This selection is also the most budget friendly from E.P.C. Another winner from E.P. Carrillo that's flavorful with a certain elegance [and] deserving of a spot in your humidor. Order your box now!

Eiroa Cigars

Eiroa cigars may be the most ambitious blend from Christian L. Eiroa you'll ever buy.

El Baton Cigars

This value stick from the makers of Diamond Crown is a must try.

El Centurion Cigars

El Centurion cigars present another outstanding premium selection from the skilled hands of Don Jose Pepin Garcia.

El Rey Del Mundo Cigars

If you're a fan of Honduran smokes, give any of the El Rey Del Mundo cigars a try - you will definitely like them!

Elephant Butts Cigars

Elephant Butts Premium Handmade Cigars are affordable, high-quality cigars that any cigar smoker can appreciate. Handmade in the Dominican Republic, choose from eight distinctive styles including Churchill, Corona, Toro, Robusto, Belicoso, Gordo, Gordo Grande, or Gordito. Each imported cigar is available in your choice of Natural or Maduro. Elephant Butts is truly...the Every-man's Everyday Cigar. "What this country needs is a good five-cent cigar.” That’s what Vice President Thomas Marshall said in 1917. What was true then, is still true today. The idea of making an affordable, yet high-quality, hand-made cigar, that any cigar smoker can appreciate, is the essence of Elephant Butts. With its distinct flavor and bold presentation, Elephant Butts truly is the Every-man's Everyday Cigar. For work or play, and just about anything else, Elephant Butts® "Goes Where You Go... Does What You Do!"

Enclave Broadleaf By AJ Fernandez Cigars

The time has come to share some special cigars, but what to grab? Only Enclave Broadleaf by AJ Fernandez cigars will do. Enclave Broadleaf is another father-son collaboration cigar from Abdel and father Ismael Fernandez, who say the spirit of Enclave lies within the brotherhood of those who truly enjoy great cigars. We say it’s another tasty AJ must-try: using only tobacco grown at the family farm, this premium cigar reveals itself as a full-bodied smoke, featuring a combination of select, aged Nicaraguan and Piloto Cubano fillers and binder, all layered under a sumptuous Connecticut Broadleaf maduro wrapper. When your sharing not just a cigar, but an experience - let the Enclave Broadleaf elevate the atmosphere. Pull the trigger on these broad-leaved beauties now!

Enclave Habano By AJ Fernandez Cigars

Enclave cigars present another triumphant and affordably-priced creation by A.J. Fernandez and his father Ismael, as a tribute to the special brotherhood of BOTL's & SOTL's who enjoy smoking the best cigars. A savory Habano Rosado wrapper grown in Ecuador complements a delectable Cameroon Binder, while Piloto Cubano and select Nicaraguan long-fillers greet you with notes of pepper, spice, cedar, and cinnamon. Join A.J. and the timeless brotherhood of the Enclave by ordering your box today!

Entourage Cigars Special $3.00 off

Although they’re machine-made, Entourage cigars flaunt a solid construction that’s comparable in quality to that of a hand-made smoke.


Flor De Las Antillas Cigars

My Father Cigars is paying tribute to the Cuban heritage of cigars with their new Flor de las Antillas line.

Flor de Oliva Cigars

Part of the secret of this beauty lies in the rare Costa Rican wrapper Oliva carefully selects.


Garcia y Vega Cigars Special $3.00 off

Garcia Vega is one of today's top selling domestic brands. Always consistent, this classic name puts out a wonderful machine made that is enjoyed by smokers of all ages. It's silly how low these prices are!

Gilberto Oliva Cigars

Coming from Oliva, one the best cigar making families in Nicaragua, and named after the family’s patriarch, Gilberto Oliva.

Gispert Cigars

The Gispert is a reprisal of a vintage Cuban brand known for its smooth taste and value price.

Gold Rush Cigars Special $3.00 off

Golden Harvest Filtered Cigars Special $3.00 off

Among the bestselling filtered cigars in the United States, Golden Harvest Filtered Cigars are made with an all-American premium blend of flue-cured tobaccos, known as ‘bright leaf’ from North Carolina. Available in a size of 3 ⅞ x 20, these cigars pack a lot of punch in their small frame.

Good Times Cigars Special $3.00 off

Since 2008, Good Times USA has been selling machine-made cigars and cigarillos made with both, homogenized tobacco and natural-leaf tobaccos.

Griffin's Cigars

Made by Davidoff, Griffins are mild to medium-boded smokes rolled in the Dominican Republic.

Gurkha Cafe Tabac Cigars

Gurkha Cigars is returning to the flavored cigar space. At the 2018 IPCPR Trade Show, Gurkha will reintroduce three flavored cigars from 12 years ago. According to Gurkha Cigars, the company has decided to re-enter the flavored space due to increased requests for the product. The three lines returning are: Red Head, a cigar featuring hints of cherry; White Rascal, that offers hints of vanilla; and Café Tabac, which features hints of coffee. Each of the three offerings will be available in two sizes – a 5 x 52 Robusto and a 4 x 34 petit panatela. The 5 x 52 will be offered in 25-count boxes with a retail price of $160.00 per box while the 4 x 34 will be offered in 5-count tins and retail for $14.00 per tin. “We are excited about our flavored cigars and the opportunity to broaden our appeal and flavor profile,” commented Kaizad Hansotia, CEO of Gurkha Cigars. “Gurkha prides itself in listening to its customer and providing a variety of flavor profiles to satisfy any cigar lover’s palette.”

Gurkha Cellar Reserve Cigars

The vintage Cellar Reserve uses the finest quality 15-year-old aged tobacco, comprised of an oily Criollo 1998 wrapper, that combines an aged Dominican, olor binder with a 15-year old Dominican Filler. Housed in unique wooden boxes that aesthetically evoke a maturing wine barrel, the Cellar Reserve is a delicious medium to full-bodied cigar that is full of flavor and complexity. Rated 97, Top 10 Cigar of the Year.

Gurkha Ghost Cigars

The Gurkha Ghost Series is one of the most popular released by the Gurkha Cigar Company. This is the one ghost you’ll want to keep around your smoke den. We carry two sizes of the Gurkha Series. The 6X54 Asura, and the 5X52 Shadow. Both these sleek and sinister cigars come packaged in a lustrous, black box, accented with elegant, silver highlights, giving the Ghost Series a long lasting first impression right off the bat. Steeped in legend and history, the Gurkha cigars, created more than a century ago has been reborn and today is one of the most famous brands of luxury cigars in the world. Having extraordinary quality and premium blends of tobacco, Gurkha is known for limited release and rare tobacco products with outstanding and artistically-oriented packaging.

Gurkha Grand Reserve Cigars

The flagship cigar of Gurkha. The best selling cognac-infused cigar in the industry. A silky 5-year Connecticut wrapper with an aged 3-year binder and filler, packaged in a gorgeous glass tube. Rated 91.

Gurkha Marquesa Cigars

The width and breadth of the Gurkha empire of brands is as strong as the day is long. Indeed, from uber-refined, ultra-expensive Cognac infused cigars, to everyday-friendly, insanely affordable bundles, Gurkha can do it all. Today, Kaizad Hansotia (the brand’s mastermind) turns his attention to pre-embargo Cuba to craft a cigar that honors the Cuban heritage of all modern-day cigars with the new Gurkha Marquesa. The artwork on this one is, quite frankly, beautiful, and luckily the flavor is just as nice. Utilizing a soft and silky Sumatra wrapper leaf, Gurkha Marquesa delivers a medium-bodied profile that includes hints of roasted nuts, slight saltiness, natural tobacco crispness, and a sweet core of flavor. Marquesa might just end of being one of Gurkha’s best blends to date, so I’d highly recommend grabbing yourself a few today.

Gurkha Prize Fighter Cigars

Here's one I never saw coming. Sort of like the first time I saw Rocky 5 - consumed with confusion and thoughts of "what the hell is going on here." But luckily in this instance, it makes this handmade even more special. Instead of swanky packaging and high MSRPs, this one cuts out all the fat for a lean, highly anticipated release. Inspired by historic boxing figures from the 1900's, Prize Fighter takes a refreshing all substance approach. In fact, you've probably heard stories of this era - when the men were men (and real men burnt cigars). Prize Fighter wins on so many levels....a picture perfect Connecticut-shade Ecuadorian wrapper, double binder combination of Ecuadorian and Indonesian leaves, and a 3 year aged blend of Dominican fillers. Never overpowering, this mellow to medium-bodied cigar is easy to enjoy one after another. Then tack on the highly enjoyable price....nuff said.


H. Upmann 1844 Reserve Cigars

The fine Cuban heritage of H. Upmann cigars lives on in this rich, full-bodied and aromatic edition. Blended with a hearty Ecuadorian Cubano wrapper that caps a savory, Nicaraguan broadleaf binder and a diverse combination of Dominican longfillers, H. Upmann cigars are an excellent selection for the cigar connoisseur who prefers 'old world' Cuban style flavor and aroma. Often hard to find, add this fine selection to your humidor by ordering a box now.

H. Upmann by AJ Fernandez Cigars

Perhaps the hottest cigar maker in the industry, AJ Fernandez has put his modern twist on the classic H. Upmann brand. This 175-year-old marque got a makeover: H. Upmann AJ Fernandez cigars are a combination of classic tobaccos in a uniquely satisfying medium-full bodied blend. Where classics are concerned, AJ built this blend on vintage ‘98 Criollo and Piloto Cubano long fillers, added a Corojo 99 binder, and topped it off with a spicy Ecuadorian Sumatra wrapper. H. Upmann AJ Fernandez cigars are an addition sure to appeal to the next generation of smokers as well as the old-school H. Upmann fanatics – and at these prices, a no-brainer; add to your cart today!

H. Upmann Connecticut Cigars

The new H. Upmann Connecticut cigars offer a bolder smoke than your standard Connecticut-style blend. Handcrafted with select aged Dominican and Nicaraguan fillers and a sturdy Nicaraguan binder, these premium handmade beauties are finished with a beautiful looking, darker than usual Ecuadorian Connecticut wrapper. The result is a medium body smoke rife with alluring flavors of baking spices, roasted peanuts, coffee beans, and hints of sweetness.

H. Upmann The Banker Cigars

H. Upmann The Banker cigars continue the classic brand's tradition of excellence with an affordable, rich-tasting edition that won't break your bank. A well-balanced Nicaraguan-Dominican core is expertly rolled in an exquisite Ecuadorian Habano wrapper leaf that shimmers like a new silver dollar. The creamy smoke issues notes of earth, pepper, and leather with a smoky-malty flavor on the finish. All-in-all, a marvelous, full-flavored treat that pairs well with everything from coffee to your favorite potent potable.

H. Upmann Vintage Cameroon Cigars

H. Upmann Vintage cigars echo the singular quality and flavor of the old Havana cigars. For over 150 years H. Upmann cigars have been highly respected among cigar connoisseurs and their Vintage Cameroon selection is absolutely outstanding, having received Cigar Insider scores as high as 90 and 92! This is a full-flavored blend of Dominican, Nicaraguan and Peruvian tobaccos precisely rolled into Grade-1 African Cameroon wrappers for a well-balanced, luxurious smoke with a wonderful aroma.

Hamlet 25th Year Cigars

Hamlet 25th Year cigars are the long-awaited follow-up to the 2015 "Tabaquero Hamlet Paredes" debut, both of which are brought to you by Rocky Patel Cigars.

Hav-A-Tampa Cigars

These gems consist of mild tobaccos blended with subtle flavors to provide a unique mellow smoke.

Havana Honeys Cigars

Hand made with long-filler and aged to perfection, Havana Honeys are the ultimate Dominican smoke.

Helix Cigars

This is an extremely mild and smooth cigar, with a light flavor and silky, true Connecticut shade grown wrapper leaf.

Henry Clay Cigars

As one of the most historically famous brands, the Henry Clay name carries a long, storied tradition of fine cigar making.

Hoyo de Monterrey Cigars

Handmade in Honduras, these are truly quality cigars with a large variety of sizes to give exceptional satisfaction to the smoker.

Hoyo La Amistad Cigars

For those who love a lot of taste and some pop on the palate, look no further as the Hoyo La Amistad has arrived.


INCH by E.P. Carrillo Cigars

INCH by EPC cigars is a full-bodied series featuring 3 ring gauges: 60, 62 and 64. Why INCH? As the No.64 illustrates, a '64' ring measures 1-inch in diameter. The blend consists of 3 vintage Dominican leaves: Piloto Cubano, Corojo, and Criollo '98, plus some Nicaraguan Viso and a Nicaraguan binder rolled in an Ecuadorian Sumatra or Connecticut Broadleaf maduro wrapper. You'll enjoy a well-balanced, robust, and complex cigar teeming with boundless tobacco flavors. Ready? Take an INCH now!

Isla del Sol Cigars

Isla Del Sol by Drew Estate cigars are imbued with a sweet coffee flavor unlike anything you've ever tasted in a flavored premium handmade cigar.


J. C. Newman Factory Throwouts Cigars

J. C. Newman Factory Throwouts offer great quality at an exceptional price.

Java by Drew Estates Cigars

Java is an exceptionally unique handmade cigar from two of today's hardest working cigar makers: Jonathan Drew of Drew Estate and Rocky Patel.

Joya de Nicaragua Antano 1970 Cigars

Ready to give up your Fuente OpusX cigars? Don't answer until you've tried this awesome, full-bodied series from Joya de Nicaragua cigars that Cigar Insider scored 91. The Antaño (Spanish for 'yesteryear'), is a smooth-smoking reincarnation of Joya's original full-flavored blend of the 1970s. Joya de Nicaragua Antano 1970 cigars are perfectly-balanced with bold Nicaraguan Ligero leaves draped in thick, juicy, and dark Nicaraguan Criollo wrappers. Tasting is believing; and don't forget to fasten your seat belt.

Joya de Nicaragua Antano Dark Corojo Cigars

Joya de Nicaragua Antaño Dark Corojo is the embodiment of the Nicaraguan power cigar. The oily, dark brown capa foreshadows the extra full-bodied flavors of its complex, pungent blend, containing only mature, locally cultivated leaf. With each draw, the puro builds in strength to leave even the most jaded smoker satisfied and spent. This is a cigar for the experienced connoisseur who not only appreciates, but craves unadulterated boldness in a cigar. Novices need not light.

Joya de Nicaragua Joya Black Cigars

JOYA Black cigars follow the highly-popular JOYA Red selection in JDN's ongoing efforts to introduce contemporary, innovative blends to cigar smokers worldwide. Specially designed and blended for the modern cigar smoker, JOYA Black takes things up a notch by incorporating a dark Mexican San Andrés wrapper and Nicaraguan long fillers. "This is Joya de Nicaragua?s first cigar to feature a Mexican San Andres Negro wrapper," says Mario Perez, JDN's Factory Manager. "We have had these wrappers available for some time and we wanted to create a blend with rich Nicaraguan tobacco, yet without the overpowering strength. The result is a balanced, rich and pleasant smoking experience." JOYA Black cigars are offered in four traditional sizes: Robusto, Toro, Doble Robusto, and Nocturno. Choose the shape that's right for you and add it to your cart today.

Joya de Nicaragua Joya Cabinetta Cigars

Joya de Nicaragua Cabinetta Serie cigars are blended with mellower, medium-bodied Nicaraguan longfillers for a smoother, more refined smoke. Nuances of almonds, cedar bark, savory spice and a myriad of other taste and aroma sensations are revealed in its velvety smoke. Presented without cello, the cigars are deftly rolled in a savory sun-grown Criollo leaf that adds just the right amount of pepper to the intricate taste profile of these finely crafted cigars. Another MUST-SMOKE! Order some NOW.

Joya de Nicaragua Joya Red Cigars

Joya de Nicaragua has a reputation for making great potent primos, but this Joya Red cigars edition reaches out to the cigar smoker seeking a well-balanced Nicaraguan puro with a little less octane. Entirely handcrafted with tobaccos from Estelí, Condega and Jalapa rolled in a plush Nicaraguan Habana wrapper leaf, the result is one of the best Nicaraguan cigars with a medium-body, smooth nutty notes and hints of pepper. Affordably priced, too! Order a box, or test drive a 5-pack NOW.

Juan Lopez Cigars

Juan Lopez cigars are handmade in Nicaragua with ultra-rich, 100% Nicaraguan filler, binder and wrapper tobaccos.


Kentucky Cheroots Cigars

The Finest Blend of Kentucky and Tennessee tobaccos.

Kentucky Fire Cured Cigars

Kentucky Fire Cured is easily compared to the smokey taste attributed to a peaty scotch, the KFC picks up nuances of the roasted hickory, oak or maple wood.

King Edward Cigars

Find out why this cigar is sold in over 60 countries throughout the world.

Kristoff Cameroon Cigars

Kristoff Cameroon cigars offer you an incredibly smooth, medium-full bodied cigar with an impressive "Cubanesque" character thanks to their rich-tasting, African Cameroon wrappers. At the core of this highly-rated cigar lies a well-balanced blend of Nicaraguan Habano seed and Dominican Habano seed long-fillers tethered in a Dominican Habano seed binder. The smoke is cool and creamy offering intriguing notes of nutmeg, spice, almond, and cinnamon with sweet cedar finish. A wonderful way to spend some well-deserved down time watching the sun set in the late afternoon or the moon rise after dinner. Add some to your cart today.

Kristoff Connecticut Cigars

Kristoff Connecticut cigars have redefined the term, "mild, full flavored" cigars by using a cleverly-crafted blend of Dominican Habano seed long-fillers and a robust Nicaraguan binder all rolled in a flawless Connecticut seed wrapper grown under natural shade cloud cover in Ecuador. Offering notes of vanilla, light spice, and cream on a sweet-nutty finish, Kristoff Connecticut has become a favorite with new cigar smokers seeking more flavor, as well as golfers who want a cigar they put down and pick up without losing its edge. A great mild to medium-bodied addition to every cigar smoker's collection, add some to your next order.

Kristoff Corojo Limitada Cigars

The Kristoff Corojo Limitada Cigars are sure to please every fan of top-quality Nicaraguan tobacco. Scrupulously crafted in small batch fashion, this Dominican gem comes with 100% Habano seed Nicaraguan and Dominican tobaccos snuggled inside a Nicaraguan Corojo wrapper that is gleaming with oil. Perfectly aged to perfection, this medium body smoke is loaded with savory notes of nutmeg, toasted nut, cedar, and a sweet-spicy finish. This is truly a delicious smoke, but don’t just take it from us, because the Corojo Limitada earned the number 11 spot in in the Top 25 Cigars of 2012 with an impressive 93-point rating.

Kristoff Criollo Cigars

Kristoff Criollo cigars contain a well-aged blend of Dominican Olor and Cuban-seed Nicaraguan tobaccos, wrapped in Nicaraguan Habano Criollo. Packaged in a cedar box and surrounded by loose tobacco, this Kristoff has a beautiful pre-embargo feel. With an oily, medium brown wrapper, pigtail and shaggy foot, expect a medium-bodied smoke featuring notes of toasted almond, hints of spice and a sweet finish. Kristoff Criollo cigars embody the taste and richness sought by the true aficionado.

Kristoff Cuban Selection Cigars

Made by Kristoff Cigars, Cuban Selection is a smooth and mild yet tremendously tasty cigar which features a sweetened cap for added appeal. Utilizing high-quality Dominican tobacco for all its components, this affordable puro will stun you with the value it offers. With silky notes of cedar and nuts being complimented by the sugary tip, Cuban Selections are perfect for an everyday smoke, or for handing out when having company over. Stock up now!

Kristoff GC Signature Series Cigars

Kristoff GC Signature Series cigars were created especially for cigar smokers with a well-educated palate. Flawlessly handmade with a robust blend of Dominican & Honduran Cuban-seed longfillers, Honduran binder, and a dark, succulent Brazilian Maduro wrapper, the smoke brims with rich notes of espresso, dried apricot, and chocolate on a sweet 'n spicy finish. If you want a virtual buffet of dark tobacco flavors and complexity galore, these full-bodied cigars are a must smoke. Order some now.

Kristoff Habano Cigars

Kristoff Habano cigars present a truly unique blend with a savory South American flair. The blend starts with Nicaraguan and Dominican Habano seed tobaccos bunched in a Brazilian Sumatra seed binder, and rolled to perfection in a dark, oily Brazilian Habano wrapper that shimmers with an attractive, rust-colored patina. The smoke is medium in body delivering hints of sweet pecans and spice, along with tantalizing notes of white pepper and cedar on a long, sweet-spicy finish. Great for enjoying while shaking-off the dust from a long day at the office, or kicking back with on the patio for a few hours of weekend relaxation. Keep your humidor well-stocked by adding some to your cart now.

Kristoff Kristania Cigars

Kristoff Kristania hails from the same boutique factory in the Dominican as the rest of the Kristoff line, where each cigar is carefully crafted from top-notch tobaccos before undergoing a series of strict quality control measures. So why the cheaper price? Honestly I don't know, but Scout's honor the only thing you'll take heed of are a few more bucks in your wallet. Dressed in a dark brown Nicaraguan Criollo wrapper and supported by a core of Dominican Habano long-fillers, each cigar produces a rich medium-bodied profile. Notes of espresso, cocoa, vanilla, gentle spices, and natural sweetness all enter the fray before a long satisfying finish. De-lish from start to finish and starting well under $5, highly enjoyable indeed.

Kristoff Maduro Cigars

Kristoff Maduro cigars contain a well-aged blend of Dominican Olor and Cuban-seed Nicaraguan tobaccos, seamlessly encased in dark, oily Brazilian Maduro wrappers. With pigtail caps and shaggy feet, they're packaged in a cedar box surrounded by loose tobacco for a beautiful pre-embargo feel. Expect a medium-bodied smoke with undertones of earth and licorice, nutty spice, and a sweet finish. Kristoff Maduro cigars embody the taste and richness sought by the true aficionado.

Kristoff Pistoff Kristoff Cigars

Pistoff Kristoff cigars are the result of a suggestion from a Kristoff Cigars fan to brand founder Glen Case during an in-store event. As Glen tells it, one of the guests approached him and said, "How about making a cigar called the Pissed-off Kristoff?" Glen loved the idea, and a cigar was born - with just a slight change in the spelling. Handcrafted with a full-flavored blend of spicy Nicaraguan tobaccos balanced by an Indonesian binder and a natural Mexican San Andrés wrapper, the well-balanced smoke is ultra-smooth and teeming with creamy notes of earthy spice and toasted nuts, while a stream of white pepper winds its way through the cigar's complex terrain, culminating in a sweet toffee-like finish. Newer cigar smokers may find the Pistoff Kristoff deceivingly strong - and it does tend to pack a bit of a punch at times - but those with a few more notches on their gun belts will find the smoke right in their wheelhouse. A MUST-smoke for followers of the Kristoff brand and cigar smokers who crave full-bodied Nicaraguan cigars. Be sure to add some to your next cigar order.

Kristoff Premium Selection Cigars

Premium Selection is a Puros blend made with all Dominican tobaccos. The natural wrapper offers an incredibly smooth, creamy and mild smoke while the maduro embodies a rich, full flavor with notes of coffee bean and sweet intonations.

Kristoff Sumatra Cigars

The Kristoff Sumatra is a medium-bodied premium cigar that is traditionally Cuban style in both its immaculate construction and exquisite taste. A flavorful reddish brown Ecuadorian wrapper covers a thick and hearty Brazilian binder and aged Cuban seed Dominican and Nicaraguan filler tobaccos. With delicate floral notes, cinnamon, roasted nuts, and a smooth velvety finish, this very distinguished smoke captures the essence and spirit of old-world Havana. Not only has this masterpiece charmed the palates of aficionados worldwide, it also received a well-deserved 93- rating from the highly regarded Smoke Magazine.


La Aroma De Cuba Cigars

La Aroma de Cuba Cigars was a turn-of-the-century Cuban brand made famous in part by Winston Churchill who often described it as one of his favorites.

La Aroma de Cuba Edicion Especial Cigars

La Aroma de Cuba Edicion Especial cigars are another stellar cigar from the makers of Ashton. It is hand rolled in Nicaragua using all Nicaraguan binders and fillers hugged in a beautiful Ecuadorian Sun-Grown wrapper. Quality is key with this cigar as it is a handsome smoke free of any large veins that may protrude which is uncommon for sun-grown cigars. The Aroma de Cuba should be a staple in any collectors humidor. Pick yours up today!

La Aroma de Cuba Mi Amor Cigars

La Aroma de Cuba Mi Amor cigars follow in the wake of the highly-popular La Aroma de Cuba that debuted in 2002. Blended and handcrafted to perfection at My Father Cigars in Esteli, Nicaragua, the Mi Amor line sports a gorgeous, rich-tasting Cuban-seed Maduro wrapper grown in Mexico's San Andrés Valley. The core is all-Nicaraguan leaf with a double binder. The smoke is full-flavored with a woody-nutty base and a appealing sweetness. Discover this stunning selection by ordering your box now.

La Aroma de Cuba Mi Amor Reserva Cigars

Handcrafted in Nicaragua by Pepin and Jaime Garcia, the La Aroma Mi Amor is a new cigar manufactured at their Esteli, Nicaragua factory. This is one of their most exclusive cigars to date and already the reviews are nothing but praise. This cigar boasts a dark Mexican Cuban-seed oscuro wrapper, wonderfully aged Nicaraguan fillers, and finally formed in a traditional Cuban style box-press shape bringing back the sentiments of old Cuba with a taste to match. Pick yours up today before they go.

La Aurora Cigars

La Aurora Cigars is the oldest cigar made in the Dominican Republic grown in the same fields of the Cibao Valley for over 3 generations.

La Finca Cigars

This has become Nicaragua's largest-selling brand. La Finca cigars are now being packaged in bundles of 20 to keep them economically priced.

La Flor de Ynclan Cigars

La Flor de Ynclan cigars (pronounced, een-klahn), is a very special Villiger cigar meticulously crafted by Heinrich Villiger, himself, and Cuban expatriate master blender, Jose Matias Maragoto, in the Dominican Republic.

La Fontana Cigars

La Fontana Vintage premium cigars prove that you don't have to be a genius to discover a great cigar at a great price.

La Gloria Cubana Cigars

Full, rich, creamy and strong, La Gloria Cubana Cigars has scored as high as 91 in Cigar Aficionado blind taste tests.

La Gloria Cubana Esteli Cigars

Step aside and make way, La Gloria Cubana Esteli cigars are here to save the day. The La Gloria Cubana has trumpeted the rich tobaccos of Nicaragua for decades, this new LGC Esteli is part of a new age in tobacco. This medium bodied smoke honors the hardworking artisans of STG’s Esteli factory who created, crafted, and raised this complex cigar. While capped in a bold, dark wrapper from Jalapa Nicaragua, the blend adds a punchy yet sweet profile with Honduran Jamastran and La Entrada long fillers and a Jamastran binder. With an every-day price point and a complex profile of brown sugar and warm spices is a welcome change to new smokers and the La Gloria smokers of old. Buy yours today!

La Gloria Cubana Serie R Cigars

La Gloria Cubana Serie R cigars are robust, power-packed smokes with a full-bodied, no-nonsense blend of Nicaraguan Ligero & Dominican Olor leaf filler tobaccos rolled in your choice of oily, Ecuadorian Sumatra or U.S. Connecticut Broadleaf Maduro wrappers. Full-flavored, yet incredibly smooth, the cigars are characterized by wide ring sizes, easy draw and earthy, woody aromas. Created for more experienced cigar smokers who will really appreciate the complexities of this bolder La Gloria. WOW!

La Gloria Cubana Serie R Esteli Cigars

La Gloria Cubana Serie R is a brand that has always been at the forefront of the trends. In 1999, they started the whole fat ring craze with the introduction of Serie R. In 2013, La Gloria Cubana moves to Nicaragua with the launch of La Gloria Cubana Serie R Esteli, a large ring, full flavored Nicaraguan puro.

La Gloria Cubana Spanish Press Cigars

In a nod to the past and present, an old-world technique is being used in the latest release from La Gloria Cubana, just as the brand’s modernized new logo makes its debut. Called Spanish Press, the three-cigar collection is handcrafted at the El Credito Cigar Factory, a boutique rolling gallery located within General Cigar Dominicana. There, artisans place the freshly-rolled cigars into wooden trays with dividers that apply uniform pressure to the cigars. The trays are then pressed to define their shape.

La Unica Cigars

La Unica is America's #1 selling imported hand-made cigar packed in bundles - and with good reason.

La Vieja Habana Cigars

The cigars offered in this line range from medium to full-bodied, with a rich flavor and smooth draw.

Las Cabrillas Cigars

Handmade in Honduras, Las Cabrillas is an all-Mexican blend of leaves rolled in a rustic Connecticut Shade wrapper.

Last Call by AJ Fernandez Cigars

Raised in Cuba and steeped in the rich tradition of the Fernandez cigar legacy, AJ Fernandez produces unparalleled premium cigars in Estelí, Nicaragua.

Leaf by Oscar Cigars

Leaf by Oscar Cigars has been sweeping the nation ever since their inception as a small boutique cigar in Pittsburgh, PA. Before long, it made its way across the state and into our warehouse in Easton, Pennsylvania where it became an instant hit with our customers. Each Leaf by Oscar greets you with a wonderfully oily finish, and features a decorative tobacco leaf encasing the entire cigar, making each individual stick really pop! But the real story here is the mass appeal of this premium cigar line. With a Honduran longfiller core and binder in every cigar, each line uses a different wrapper to give you a wide variety of flavors to choose from. Want something mild and smooth? Try out the Connecticut. Looking for something with a little more "oopf?" Why not get your hands on the deep and rich Maduro? There is something for everyone when it comes to Leaf by Oscar.


M by Macanudo Cigars

Macanudo has always been THE breakfast cigar...and the anytime cigar, for that matter. No one seems to do mellow, creamy, and smooth with the same consistency as they have throughout the decades. And while you'd be forgiven up to now for not associating them with anything flavored, M by Macanudo is here to change that forever. Skillfully infused with Columbian coffee, these smokes bring nuanced notes of coffee, sweet cream, cocoa, and spice thanks to an all-Nicaraguan core and a dark, oily Indonesian wrapper. If you've always gravitated toward the velvety silkiness for which Macanduo is known, you're going to love how these take your A.M. experience to the next level. Get your box of M by Macanudo cigars today!

Macabi Cigars

Macabi is an excellent cigar that delivers a smooth and mellow taste.

Macanudo 1968 Cigars

Macanudo 1968 boasts a bold new taste that perfectly balances the cigar's fuller-bodied tobaccos. Aged in tercios and charcoaled wooden barrels to further enrich its flavor, the blend marries Dominican and Nicaraguan tobacco to a proprietary filler cultivated exclusively for General Cigar in the remote island of Ometepe. These tobaccos were developed expressly to complement the Connecticut Habano binder and flawless Honduran San Agustin wrapper.

Macanudo Cigars

Macanudo is the #1 selling cigar in the United States. Constructed of carefully chosen filler tobaccos from Jamaica and the Dominican Republic, the binder is from Mexico and the wrapper is a twice aged Connecticut shade-grown leaf.

Macanudo Cru Royale Cigars

Macanudo Cru Royale cigars are a medium-bodied, full-flavored selection from one of the cigar world's most highly-acclaimed brands. Crafted under the direction of the legendary Benji Menendez, each cigar has a core of Nicaraguan & Dominican Viso longfiller with Brazilian Mata Fina, plus a proprietary Dominican La Vega Especiale binder rolled in an Ecuadorian Habano seed wrapper. Expect a well-balanced, aromatic smoke brimming with rich, complex flavors on a savory finish. Order your box now.

Macanudo Gold Label Cigars

Macanudo Gold Label cigars are limited-edition premium cigars made with the smoothest, fairest Connecticut Shade Grown wrappers for a lighter, more mellow flavor. Using only the 1st & 2nd priming leaves, the wrappers ripen to golden patina with a naturally sweet taste. The Dominican Piloto Cubano & Mexican fillers are 1998 vintage, and the Mexican San Andrean binder is also from the 2 lowest primings. Absolutely the sweetest and mildest Macanudo cigars ever blended. Perfect for that first cigar of the day!

Macanudo Inspirado Black Cigars

Macanudo Inspirado Black cigars are the sister blend to Macanudo Inspirado White. Released in 2017, this heartier blend handcrafted at General Cigar Dominicana features another Jhonys Diaz creation that entices the palate with a full-bodied, full-flavored promise and keeps it. Moving away from the traditional Dominican long-filler blends normally associated with Macanudo cigars, the core tobaccos are all Nicaraguan-grown in Estelí from proprietary seeds grown, then specially fermented to produce the utmost in strength and flavor. These tobaccos are framed in an Ecuadorian Sumatra binder that also enhances the intensity and taste of the U.S. Connecticut Broadleaf wrapper. The wrapper itself is a tobacco-growing marvel, since the plants were left to ripen on the stalk. The resulting leaf is rich, radiant and offers a new dimension in sweetness. All told, the smoke brims with bold notes of earth and spice that ride on a subtle undercurrent of coffee, cocoa, light pepper and other intriguing flavors. "Macanudo Inspirado Black represents sophistication, and is truly for the initiated smoker," says Diaz. "It's about tobaccos that deliver incredible full-bodied flavor and complexity in a cigar that’s balanced and pleasurable to smoke.” Available at a very reasonable price in three shapes, Churchill, Toro and Robusto, if you love dark, savory smokes, add some to your cart today.

Macanudo Inspirado Orange Cigars

Many know Macanudo for their mellow blends, and for good reason - they're pretty much the benchmark for mellow, even-tempered cigars. For Macanudo Inspirado Orange, however, the focus was heavier on complexity, flavor, and tobacco rarity: hand-selected tobaccos from the Dominican Republic, Nicaragua, and Honduras, a Honduran binder, topped with a Honduran wrapper. All of the care and mastery that goes into their pillar brands was echoed with Inspirado Orange, and it resulted in full-bodied, buttery, and rich flavor profile that's dripping with delicious dashes of nuts, leather, and spices with a peppery finish. One thing is for sure – this isn't your dad's Macanudo.

Macanudo Inspirado Red Cigars

Time to shake up the status quo: Macanudo Inspirado Red cigars have been introduced as a fiery Nicaraguan blend born for a new generation of cigar lovers. For over 50 years, Macanudo has been an institution among mellow cigars…but the new breed has demanded a new cigar, and Macanudo has responded with the addition of this fiery-red Inspirado. Using rare, aged tobaccos, this full-bodied premium cigar features an illustrious blend of 12-year aged Ometepe, 10-year aged Honduran Jamastran, and 5-year aged Esteli filler leaves in a Nicaraguan binder, covered in a beefy Ecuadorian Habano ligero leaf. In short, this is one ultra-fine, full-bodied addition to the Macanudo cigars lineup that’s sure to put some spring in your step. Smooth, peppery, earthy and spicy - line up and get yours today. Order now!

Macanudo Inspirado White Cigars

Macanudo Inspirado White cigars are one of two "inspired" blends released in 2017 that marked another milestone in the creative evolution of this internationally-acclaimed cigar brand. Although the original Macanudo Café selection is still considered one of the best mild introductory cigars for new cigar smokers, the brand has reached out to cigar smokers of every breed with a number of more multifaceted cigars, and according to the fine folks at General Cigar, "Cigar lovers who now see Macanudo in a new light should be prepared to be wowed yet again." Macanudo White moves away from its traditional past by using a recipe of Nicaraguan Condega and Mexican San Andres long-filler leaves, each aged for 4 years to deliver sweetness and strength, plus a two-year-aged Nicaraguan Jalapa leaf for some extra earthy-spicy depth, while an Indonesian binder supplies an enticing aroma. The topper is a lustrous, proprietary Ecuadoran Connecticut wrapper aged six years and refined to a buttery shade of gold. The final result is a Macanudo cigar that's not only striking in appearance, but fully engages the palate in perfect balance. Or, as master blender, Jhonys Diaz, said, "We spent several years developing this blend, using tobaccos we refined and aged to perfection. Think of the most creamy, alluring cigar you've ever had, amplify the complexity and you have Macanudo Inspirado White." Offered in three affordably-priced shapes, Churchill, Toro and Robusto.

Marzio Cigars

Marzio cigars are love at first sight - or Amore a prima vista, as our Italian cousins would put it.

Medulla Oblongata Cigars

Medulla Oblongata cigars from Asylum are so-named after the part of the brain that controls such bodily functions as breathing, blood pressure, and heart rate. That's a pretty important part. Yet beyond the tie-in to other Asylum cigars like Schizo, Lobotomy, and Straight Jacket, Medulla Oblongata represents the brand's most ambitious and flavorful releases to date. It starts with an all-Honduran tobacco core blend offered in five sizes: a 5x50 Robusto, 6x52 Toro, 6x60 Gordo, 7x70, and an 8x80. The cigars also come in your choice of two wrappers - Honduran Corojo and Mexican San Andrés Maduro. All of the Honduran tobaccos are grown on Christian Eiroa's Corojo farm, renown for their exquisite color, flavor, and aroma. Plus, the cigars are rolled at Eiroa's El Aladino factory in Danlí, Honduras and offered in two formats – round parejo (Medulla) and box-pressed (Oblongata). The smoke is exceptionally creamy and brims with a perfectly-balanced brew of cedar, sweet spices, coffee, and caramel. To be perfectly honest, you just have to taste all that full-flavored goodness for yourself. It depends on the shape, too, since box pressing changes the rate at which a cigar burns. And according to Bianca Melone, Marketing Director for CLE Cigar Co.: "Whether or not it changes the flavor is up to the person smoking the cigar, as each person experiences flavors differently."

Monte by Montecristo Cigars

Monte by Montecristo is a modern twist on the classic cigar. The Monte features a double binder, composed of a Dominican Olor and Nicaraguan Corojo which encases an aged Dominican filler, all wrapped in a rich Ecuadorian Habano wrapper. With the name of Montecristo, you can be assured you will get the same flavor, complexity, and enjoyment out of this cigar that you have come to expect from all of Montecristo's offerings. In a word, this smoke is exquisite. Get yours today.

Montecristo Cigars

With their rich history and reputation, Montecristo cigars are among the most popular cigars in the world and the standard by which practically all other premium cigars are judged. Meticulously hand-crafted at the Tabacalera de Garcia factory in the Dominican Republic for cigar smokers of every experience, you can buy Montecristo Yellow cigars in a wide choice of shapes and sizes. Find the Montecristo cigar that's right for you and add a box to your cart now. No humidor should be without them!

Montecristo Classic Cigars

Montecristo Classic cigars are the pinnacle of this legendary brand. Medium-bodied cigars simply don't come any better than this. The highest grade Connecticut Shade wrapper caps the finest Dominican binder and filler tobaccos, creating a veritable masterpiece. Its flawless construction produces smoke aplenty with each draw, and a supercharged version of creamy, familiar Montecristo mellowness melts into notes of cocoa and spice. More than just a fine cigar, it is the finest Montecristo.

Montecristo Epic Cigars

Montecristo Epic is, hands down, one of the best updates to the world's most famous cigar. It builds on the medium body of the original by throwing a little something extra in the sauce: select Nicaraguan and Dominican tobaccos that date back to 2007. Extra aging on these mouth-watering fillers results in a fuller flavored and bodied smoke than the original, and Ecuadorian Habano wraps it up with a bow. Bring yours home before you miss out - because there is epic, and there is Montecristo Epic.

Montecristo Espada Cigars

Montecristo Espada happens when tobacco legends get together. Espada is the first 100% Nicaraguan Montecristo cigar; spicy, rich and complex, this puro's tobaccos hail from all over Nicaragua...and that's where Nestor Plasencia joins the fray. World-renowned for premium handmades, Plasencia contributes only the choicest aged and refined leaf to the project, rolled to the exacting standards of Montecristo's Grupo de Maestros blending team. Famous price, Maestro-approved blend - buy Espada now.

Montecristo Nicaragua Cigars

Montecristo Nicaragua Series cigars represent the 5th core line extension in the brand's historic stable. It's also the first core line cigar to be made by a third party, in this case, AJ Fernandez, and it represents some of his best work. The line, conceived by Fernandez and Rafael Nodal, boasts an all-Nicaraguan leaf blend flawlessly handcrafted in four wide ring shapes, each enveloped in an attractive, silky, copper-hued wrapper. The cigars are also distinguished by a secondary band that clearly denotes the "Nicaragua Series." The smoke issues plenty of depth, and teems with bold flavors of earthiness, sweet spice, charred cedar, and black pepper, all in exquisite balance from end-to-end. For cigar smokers who can't get enough of that rich Nicaraguan stuff, this selection is the bomb. Ideal for relaxing to after dinner with a fine Bourbon, single malt, or rum, the Montecristo Nicaragua Series offers a highly-refined experience that veteran aficionados will commit to memory.

Montecristo Platinum Cigars

Montecristo Platinum premium cigars set a new standard luxury premium cigars. Handcrafted with a seamless Mexican San Andres Cubano wrapper and a perfectly-balanced blend of vintage Dominican, Nicaraguan and Peruvian tobaccos, these fine cigars offer you a rich, sensual smoking experience. A wonderful addition to every cigar smoker's humidor, these cigars are the crème de la crème de la crème.

Montecristo White Cigars

Montecristo White cigars are reminiscent of the original Montecristo cigars but with a lush, hand-selected Ecuadorian Connecticut Shade wrapper. Using a Nicaraguan binder and a blend of select Dominican & Nicaraguan long-fillers, these luxury-class cigars make for a rich, creamy, well-rounded smoke with a satisfying flavor and aroma. Order a box, or start with an affordably-priced 5-pack now and taste why Montecristo cigars have become the standard by which all other cigars are judged.

Montesino Cigars

Lighter in taste than the regular Fuente line, the mild-flavored Montesinos are a nice value. Handmade with Connecticut shade wrappers, Nicaraguan binders and Dominican long-filler leaves.

Moya Cigars

Moya bundles are distributed by Fuente Newman and are made in Tampa Florida.

MUWAT Cigars My Uzi Weighs A Ton Cigars

MUWAT (My Uzi Weighs A Ton) Cigars are from the famed Drew Estate brand. They are blended by Jonathan Drew himself in partnership with Joya de Nicaragua Cigars.

My Father Connecticut Cigars

If you thought a mild cigar couldn't be full-flavored - Pepin wants to have a talk with you. Weighing in at mild-plus, My Father Connecticut is considerably more easy-going that the textbook My Father smoke; this flavorful Nicaraguan medley still delivers everything you desire in a Don Pepin cigar, yet tempers the usual peppers and spices with an Ecuadorian Connecticut wrapper that will gratify cigar smokers across the board. Buy a box today - you'll be asking yourself, what's not to love?


National Brand Cigars

Introduced In 1978, This Mild-To-Medium bodied bundle offers an even burn, easy draw & great flavor.

Neos Cigars

Neos mini cigarillos from Belgium.

New World Cigars

AJ Fernandez is starting to create additional lines other than the San Lotano line. The New World is one of the first.

Nica Rustica Cigars

Nica Rustica cigars are all that you love about cigars. Each cigar is skillfully hand crafted by Drew Estate in the old Cuban style method of rolling with a pig-tailed cap.

Nimmy D Cigars

Nimmy D to friends and family, Nimish Desai - cousin to Rocky Patel - is the man behind the brand that doubles down on full body.

Nording by Rocky Patel Cigars

Legendary pipe maker Eric Nording and red hot cigar maker Rocky Patel have teamed up on a joint venture to re-introduce an old cigar brand called Nording.

NUB by Oliva Cigars

Like all innovative products, the NUB started as a mere idea at the Oliva factory in Nicaragua. The torcedor wanted to make a cigar that hit its sweet spot at first light. No fuss, no muss – no wait. The result is the Nub cigar. The NUB by Olivia comes in a variety of wrappers, but each and every one uses captivating Nicaraguan tobacco. Despite its short length, the Nub burns just as long as a full sized Toro or Churchill. In fact, this uniquely stout cigar successfully captures the flavor and body of the last four, five inches of a traditional cigar all the way through. You get the ‘sweet spot’ all the way through. Further, each wrapper lends its own subtle, distinct flavor, from the sweet tobacco in the Connecticut to the smoky aftertaste of the Habano. The unusual size and shape of the NUB isn’t just for show or novelty, Oliva designs each cigar to deliberately maximize the underlying cedar and spice flavors, and enhance your every draw. Available in your choice of four wrappers: Cameroon, Connecticut, Habano or Brazilian.


Odyssey Connecticut Cigars

Trust me here, you really don't have to take out a collateral loan to purchase a really tasty quality cigar. The good folks at General Cigar (the makers of Macanudo) have created a wonderful bundled cigar that is incredibly well made with nice flavor and aroma at a price point that would make your wallet smile, you know, if a wallet could actually do so. All right, you're not going to see the Odyssey at the top of the ratings page in that hoity toity magazine, we admit that... but you are going to enjoy a cigar that's made with the budget conscious smoker in mind, and this is a good thing. While the silky Honduran Connecticut shade wrapper (with a slightly sweetened cap) gives off a nutty creaminess, the inner tobaccos of the blend feature aged Nicaraguan filler and an Indonesian binder that gives this stick some pep. And it's got a great draw, too, as thick, creamy white smoke billows with every puff. Going to a barbecue or poker game and you want to bring cigars for the group? The Odyssey is perfect for the casual smoker - and they'll think you spent big bucks on them! How about you add a nice low-priced bundle to your shopping cart now!

Odyssey Habano Cigars

Odyssey Habano cigars are just what you need if you want a smoke packed with premium flavor at a price that will keep your wallet packed. With five sizes released at the 2016 IPCPR, these medium-bodied flavor bombs promise a cool clean burn courtesy of its complex blend of Nicaraguan and Honduran core tobaccos along with a delectable Nicaraguan Habano wrapper. Say goodbye to high prices, and get a bundle of affordable Odyssey Habano cigars today!

Odyssey Maduro Cigars

Odyssey Maduro cigars answer the call for smokers demanding a full-flavored cigar without the big price tag. Made by Plasencia, this Cuban sandwich cigar touts an accessible price point and features an all-Nicaraguan filler blend, Honduran binder, and an oily Nicaraguan Habano Maduro wrapper. Odyssey Maduro is a no-brainer for the tenured cigar smoker looking for a change-up in their repertoire. Loaded with a subtle spiciness, earthiness, and clean finish, this budget premium is a medium-bodied maduro from the makers of Macanudo. Sounds interesting? Get yours today for less than a cup of coffee, order now!

Oliva Connecticut Reserve Cigars

Oliva Reserve Connecticut cigars offer you the rich, earthy flavor of prime Nicaraguan long-filler tobaccos balanced by a silky, mild-tasting Connecticut wrapper. Starting with a mellow, nutty base, the smoke is incredibly creamy, then smoothly builds into a pastiche of sweet wood flavors, notes of coffee and a light dash of pepper in the mix. Presented in 5 popular shapes, these are great 'start your day' cigars that can be enjoyed anytime. One of Oliva's best cigars to-date. Order some now.

Oliva Master Blends 3 Cigars

The crème de la crème from The Oliva Family. The Master Blends 3 'Liga Maestra' series presents limited-edition, artisan-crafted cigars of private estate selection quality. Specifically blended to deliver the richest characteristics of Nicaraguan Ligero longfillers BOX-PRESSED inside Nicaraguan broadleaf sun-grown wrappers, each Master Blends 3 selection is a complex, full-flavored, and aromatic smoke specially created to enthrall all the senses. Order your box of these rare beauties now.

Oliva Serie G Cigars

Each cigar is skillfully handmade with a medium-bodied blend of Nicaraguan Habano longfillers and binders that are carefully selected to complement the rich flavor and aroma of the specially-aged wrapper. Available in a wide array of sizes, the Oliva Serie G is a great way to introduce yourself to the Oliva Family of fine premium cigars.

Oliva Serie O Cigars

Oliva Serie O is designed for the seasoned palate. This unique-tasting, full-bodied blend is achieved by growing the same Cuban-seed Habano tobaccos in different regions of northern Nicaragua - producing a distinct flavor variation in each of these rich filler, binder and wrapper tobaccos. After a carefully controlled fermentation process, the tobaccos are aged a full five years. That's why every Oliva Serie O cigar presents a hearty, complex, and aromatic puro that's so smooth, it's never overpowering.

Oliva Serie V Cigars

Oliva Serie V cigars blend a wide variety of the best Nicaraguan tobaccos to pull together a balanced and full-flavored cigar of supreme excellence. Jalapa Valley ligero long-fillers are bound in a Nicaraguan binder and rolled in a blushing Habano Sun Grown wrapper. This recipe allows for a non-stop, complex, and full-bodied flavor profile that's creamy-smooth and never overpowering. Among the most highly-rated cigars made today. Try an Oliva Serie V cigar and discover why!

Oliva Serie V Melanio Cigars

Oliva Serie V Melanio cigars are named for Melanio Oliva, believed to be the first Oliva patriarch to grow tobacco in Cuba. The perfectly fermented ligero long filler tobaccos are a blend of Oliva Nicaraguan Habano that emphasizes tobacco from the Jalapa region, an area known for a more nuanced leaf than the Estelí or Condega regions. Full flavored, yet ultra-smooth, these luxurious, award-winning cigars are sure to exceed your highest expectations. Order a box now or start with a 5-pack!

Omar Ortez Originals Cigars

A true Nicaraguan puro, Omar Ortez Originals are fuller bodied with rich satisfying aroma.

Onyx Reserve Cigars

Onyx Reserve cigars are medium to full-bodied, Maduro cigars handmade in the Dominican Republic with Dominican Piloto Cubano and Nicaraguan tobaccos, a Nicaraguan binder, and a rich-tasting Connecticut Broadleaf maduro wrapper. But the real kicker in this cigar is its spicy Peruvian, Cuban-seed Ligero tobaccos. This brand, which has earned a '94' score in Cigar Insider, is a must-smoke if you enjoy the depth and naturally sweet taste of Maduro cigars. PLEASE NOTE: Most sizes are box-pressed.


Padron 1964 Anniversary Maduro Cigars

Made in Nicaragua by a highly-respected cigar family with a fine Cuban heritage. The Padron 1964 Anniversary Maduro is one of the most exquisite tasting and all-around 'awesome' full-bodied cigars you'll ever smoke. Much richer and sweeter than the 1964 Natural, the Maduro presents a complex tapestry of flavors with traces of coffee bean, cocoa, and hazelnut. Handmade with 4-year-aged all-Nicaraguan tobaccos, these rare, box-pressed premiums are some of the world's most highly-rated and memorable cigars. A MUST-SMOKE!

Padron 1964 Anniversary Natural Cigars

The Padrón 1964 Anniversary Series line was introduced in 1994 to commemorate the company's 30th anniversary. Sought for their flawless construction, mouthwatering wrappers and robust, dark tobacco flavor with traces of cocoa and coffee bean, these rare, box-pressed, puros made with 4 year-aged tobaccos, rank among the top of the world's best cigars. A specially designed double band features an individually numbered label to guard against counterfeiting. In a word: AWESOME!

Padron Family Reserve Cigars

Padron Family Reserve cigars are among the finest cigars ever made by Padron, or anybody. Whether you're looking for that special celebratory cigar, or enjoy super premium cigars on a regular basis, this is it. Made to commemorate Padron's many decades of success, Padron Family Reserve cigars' Nicaraguan tobaccos are aged 10 years. While clearly full in strength, these box-pressed beauties are nonetheless incredibly smooth and well-balanced. Buy now, and treat yourself to the best today!

Padron Serie 1926 Cigars

The Padron 1926 was developed in commemoration of Jose O. Padron's 75th Birthday. The development of this line was to honor his lifetime of work in the tobacco industry by creating a cigar that captures some of his favorite characteristics - a full-bodied smoke that combines complexity, balance and flavor. All the tobacco used in these cigars have been aged for 5 years, and each band is embossed with a serial number. If you can get your hands on a box or even a single cigar, by all means, do so!

Panter Cigars

Carefully caged in eye-catching packs, Panter cigars are among the best selling and most popular cigars world-wide.

Partagas 1845 Extra Oscuro Cigars

Partagas 1845 Extra Oscuro cigars are meticulously handcrafted with a potent combination of barrel-aged Dominican and Nicaraguan ligero long-fillers, an earthy, Dominican-grown Vega Especiale binder, and an oily, sun-kissed Connecticut Habano Oscuro wrapper. A fitting follow-up to the highly-acclaimed Partagas 1845, the Extra Oscuro is the most full-bodied Partagas to-date. Offered in boxes of 18 cigars, 5-packs and singles, if you love hearty cigars, add some to your cart now.

Partagas Black Label Cigars

Partagas Black Label cigars are distinguished by their richer tasting, proprietary Connecticut Medio Tiempo wrapper used for this selection. Inside these mostly big gauge cigars is an outstanding, robust blend of Nicaraguan and Piloto Cubano Ligero tobaccos laced in a rich-tasting, Dominican-grown 'La Vega Especial' binder. Seamless construction, creamy-smooth draw, ultra-rich flavor and a sweet aroma make this bold Partagas selection a smart choice. Order your box now.

Partagas Cigars

Partagas cigars are hand-made in the Dominican Republic, using the proprietary blend of the late Ramon Cifuentes - the same man who 30 years ago was making Partagas cigars in Cuba.

Partagas Heritage Cigars

Partagas Heritage cigars bring that downhome Cuban character to this fine collection which, at-a-glance, looks remarkably like the renowned Cuban Partagas Serie D cigars. Master blender, Jhonys Diaz, and his team created the blend more than ten years ago, patiently saving it for a special release, and each of the tobaccos in the Heritage blend tells a story of the brand, while channeling flavor nuances from some of the brand's most popular releases. The recipe begins with a mid-priming, Honduran estate-grown wrapper leaf developed by Diaz and the Plasencia family exclusively for the Heritage collection. Grown in the rich volcanic soil of the Olancho San Agustin (OSA) Valley, this reddish leaf is reminiscent of the wrapper used on the Partagas Spanish Rosado. The binder is a naturally sweet Connecticut Broadleaf that frames a well-balanced mix of Honduran Jamastran leaves and the same Dominican Piloto Cubano and Mexican San Andres tobaccos used for the Partagas 160. The result is a rich and complex flavor profile that defies any preconceptions you may have about comparisons to Cuban Partagas cigars. The wrapper imparts complexity and a touch of sweetness, while the core blend issues layers of earthy spice, sweet cedar and subtle notes of cinnamon. Presented in simply-designed varnished boxes with a gold embossed label, and those "familiar-looking" red bands, this is one Partagas cigar you don't want to miss. Add this impressive tribute to one of the world's most revered premium cigars to your prized cigar collection today.

Partagas Legend Cigars

Partagas Legend cigars encapsulate this historic brand with an ultra-premium to nod at the legendary men who led the way. From the founding of Partagas in 1845 by Don Jaime Partagas to the Cifuentes and beyond, the story of this Cuban-origin brand is filled with tall-tales of the great men who crafted even better cigars. Elegant, medium-bodied and box-pressed, the Legend represents the past, present and future of Partagas with a mouthwatering profile of aged leather, warm spices, cocoa, cedar and cinnamon. Meticulously crafted by General Cigar, the blend is a masterful elixir of finely aged Dominican and Honduran OSA leaves crowned with a toothy Connecticut Broadleaf wrapper. A luxury class cigar down to the packaging, which features a gorgeous white lacquered box. Partagas Legend is truly a cigar as rich as its past, a fully immersive experience any enthusiast will go nuts for. Savor the rich flavors and add these legendary cigars to your repertoire today!

Perdomo Fresco Cigars

Perdomo Fresco cigars are blended with premium longfillers grown on Perdomo's farms in Esteli, whose fertile soil produces some of the richest, deepest tobacco on earth. Perdomo Fresco is offered in a mild to medium-bodied Connecticut Shade or a medium to full-bodied Nicaraguan Maduro. Both blends offer a great every day smoking experience at an incredibly affordable price, making Perdomo Fresco one of the top selling bundles in the country.

Perla del Mar Cigars

Perla del Mar cigars are a traditional Cuban brand brought back to life by J.C. Newman as an exquisite box-pressed blend.

Phillies Cigars Special $3.00 off

Available in an assortment of sizes, these well made domestics are tasty and enjoyable.

Pom Pom Operas Cigars

Pom Pom Operas, a unique blend of quality tobaccos and special flavorings produces a mild and satisfying smoke.

Prime Time Cigars Special $3.00 off

Prime Time Little Cigars have been one of the most popular, small sized cigars among the regular and occasional smoker.

Punch Cigars

Smooth with some spiciness. With an excellent range of flavor but not overpowering, Punch cigars are superbly constructed and consistently delicious.

Punch Diablo Cigars

Explore the dark side of Punch with Diablo cigars. The fullest and darkest Punch to date, Diablo is made by the incomparable A.J. Fernandez at his factory in Esteli, Nicaragua. Being the first Punch cigar made outside of Honduras since the 1960's, Diablo is a devilishly delicious premium cigar that highlights the pure yet refined flavors of Nicaragua. In tune with its fiendish theme, Diablo features a sinfully indulgent blend of four-year aged Nicaraguan and Honduran ligero, a jet-black six-year aged Connecticut Broadleaf binder, and an extra-fermented Ecuadoran Sumatra Oscuro wrapper to seal the deal. Notes of Heavy earth, woods, pepper, leather, and dark roast coffee run rampant on this hellish cigar. See the dark side of Punch today, order now!

Punch Gran Puro Cigars

Punch Gran Puro premium cigars are Punch's 'punchiest' selection. This affordably-priced, ALL Honduran-grown tobacco blend is enveloped in an extra-dark, sun-grown Havana seed wrapper and a sun-grown binder chosen from high priming leaves for richer flavor and color. A smooth-smoking, full bodied cigar dominated by a well-rounded, earthy-spicy character and a long finish accented with a trace of cinnamon. Presented in natural cedar boxes with the classic Mr. Punch medallion in the center.

Punch Gran Puro Nicaragua Cigars

Punch Gran Puro Nicaragua cigars are a first for this stellar cigar brand known for being "the cigar that lives up to its name." Built on a muscular chassis of high-priming Nicaraguan filler and binder leaves seamlessly rolled inside a hearty Connecticut Broadleaf maduro wrapper, the smoke issues bold notes of pepper and cedar with an earthy hint of leather in the mix. According to a press release from General Cigar, "For the extension of the Gran Puro line, our artisans built a blend that balances Nicaraguan tobaccos with a Maduro wrapper to deliver a layered, dimensional flavor not traditionally found in Nicaraguan-based cigars." Presented with a unique blue-green color scheme on the boxes and bands to distinguish it from the Honduran Punch blends, the Punch Gran Puro Nicaragua collection is offered in four distinctive shapes available in 20-count boxes, as well as 5-packs. If you're intimately familiar with the classic Punch Honduran cigars and acquired a taste for the earthy, spicy character of Nicaraguan cigars, it's not hard to imagine what a stunning punch the Gran Puro Nicaragua delivers. Add this tour de force to your cart now.

Punch Grand Cru Reserva Cigars

Punch Grand Cru Reserva cigars are blended from vintage Honduran, Dominican and Nicaraguan filler leaves, an Ecuadorian binder and an exclusive Capa Royale Connecticut shade wrapper aged 3-5 years for a marvelously smooth, well-rounded taste and inviting aroma. Perfect for veteran smokers who want a complex cigar, yet mellow enough for new smokers who want to move into a richer-tasting blend. Very affordable, too!

Punch Rare Corojo Cigars

Punch Rare Corojo cigars are distinguished by their brick-red Ecuadorian Sumatra wrappers. These box-pressed cigars, have a spicy, full-flavored blend of Dominican Piloto Cubano, Honduran and Nicaraguan longfillers with a rich-tasting Connecticut Broadleaf binder. Robust, well-balanced, aromatic and super-smooth. In 2011 Punch debuted the limited edition Rare Corojo 10th Anniversary Robusto pressed in a proprietary Connecticut-grown Corojo wrapper. Order a box now.

Punch Signature Cigars

Punch has been described as the cigar that lives up to its name, and they're so sure of it, they've signed on the dotted line with Punch Signature Blend. This version takes the potent brew of the original and ups the spice: now featuring a Corojo wrapper and Nicaraguan binder, the Dominican and Nicaraguan long fillers are rich, zesty and complex all rolled into one. Legend has it that the full flavor of Punch Signature is inspired by the early Cuban recipe - order a box and see for yourself!


Quorum Cigars

Quorum cigars offer unparalled craftsmanship that you might expect in a cigar selling for twice the price.


Ramrod Cigars Special $3.00 off

A classic cigar brought to you by Avanti.

Remington Cigars Special $3.00 off

Known for their exceptional quality and affordable price, Remington Cigars are a class apart.

Richwood Cigars Special $3.00 off

A top-notch stogie that has caught everyone’s attention, Richwood Filtered Cigars are gaining the favor of most cigar enthusiasts.

Rigoletto Cigars

Rigoletto cigars are an outstanding value and have a reputation for quality construction with select grade genuine tobaccos.

Rocky Patel 15th Anniversary Cigars

Rocky Patel 15th Anniversary cigars are handmade in Nicaragua using a blend of Nicaraguan long-fillers from Esteli and rolled in the entubar method. Completing this BOX-PRESSED blend are a Nicaraguan Jalapa binder and Ecuadorian Sumatra wrapper. With a full body and plenty of strength, Rocky has likened it to a Decade on steroids, adding that it has the elegance and balance, of the Decade, but with a richness, complexity, and spice that kind of puts it over the top. A must-try!

Rocky Patel 20th Anniversary Cigars

Rocky Patel 20th Anniversary cigars mark two decades of his success in the cigar biz; it's time to celebrate, with one of Rocky's most refined works yet. The Honduran-Nicaraguan tobaccos smoke medium-full and savory as the day is long, with just a touch of spice; an ultra-silky Honduran wrapper lends natural sweetness. Combined, RP 20th Anniversary is full of stately character with a wide variety of flavors just waiting to burst out. A showcase smoke for 20 years of achievement: order yours now!

Rocky Patel Catch 22 Corojo Cigars

Rocky Patel Catch 22 is less of a paradox than you'd expect. See, logic normally dictates that a cigar like this should run north of $9; but the only catch here is the price tag, which belies its status as a first-rate smoke. Thick with Mexican and Honduran fillers that bring the Rocky oomph you know and love, its rare Corojo wrapper smooths things over nicely. Bargain hunters, rejoice: buy a box of Catch Twenty Two and score a true, value-priced premium that stands tall.

Rocky Patel Decade Cigars

A stunning collector's edition celebrating Rocky Patel's 10th year of creating some of the world's best cigars. Robust Nicaraguan longfillers and binder are box-pressed in lush Ecuadorian Sumatra wrappers that shimmer with a dark, tawny patina. The smoke is smooth, robust and marvelously complex with Rocky's signature earthy-sweet character. Made in limited edition, each size is presented in its own box with an original sketch of Rocky on the inside.

Rocky Patel Hamlet Tabaquero Cigars

Cuban Master of Tobacco Hamlet Paredes has blended and developed this exciting addition to the Rocky Patel Family. This cigar features a robust San Andreas wrapper with filler from Nicaragua and binders from Brazil and Mexico, this delicately-crafted blend is a unique experience for any cigar aficionado. The Hamlet Tabaquero cigar comes in a few traditional, as well as some rare sizes hand-picked by Mr. Hamlet Paredes. This cigar is the closest a cigar lover can get to a combination of Cuban craftsmanship and Nicaraguan ingenuity.

Rocky Patel Olde World Reserve Corojo Cigars

After a 10-year "retirement," Rocky Patel Olde World Reserve retakes the field...and the crowd goes wild. A longtime favorite among Rocky Patel cigar fans, his classic blend returns as a mix of Nicaraguan long fillers and binder, clad in choice Honduran-grown Corojo and given a gentle box-press treatment. Warm, sweet spices hit the taste buds in this medium bodied smoke that's rolled at the El Paraiso factory, Rocky's home base in Honduras. Consider it a very satisfying throwback. What's Olde is new again: order your box of Rocky Patel Olde World Reserve Corojo cigars today!

Rocky Patel Olde World Reserve Maduro Cigars

Meet the cigar that helped put Rocky Patel over the top. And after going dark in 2012, Rocky Patel Olde World Reserve Maduro has finally resurfaced! Earning the #8 spot for 2009's Cigar of the Year, these meticulously blended cigars hail from the Tavicusa factory in Esteli, Nicaragua. A dark, oily Costa Rica Maduro wrapper sits over a Nicaraguan-Honduran core, set to deliver full-bodied dashes of salted caramel, cocoa, and pepper. His legion of fans will tell you without hesitation that this is Rocky at his best.

Rocky Patel Royale Cigars

Rocky Patel Royale Cigars give you a taste of royalty without giving away the kingdom. These rich medium to full bodied cigars give you a blast of complex flavors such as almond, sweet spice,espresso, and leather with some fantastic earthy undertones. Each box-pressed cigar comes with a blend of estate-grown Nicaraguan long-fillers, plus a double binder combo of Connecticut shade and Broadleaf tobaccos all wrapped up in a buttery-smooth Ecuadorian Sumatra wrapper. So treat yourself like a King or Queen and pick some up today! You won't be disappointed.

Rocky Patel Sun Grown Cigars

Rocky Patel Sun Grown cigars are perfectly blended with 7-year-aged Brazilian, Dominican & Nicaraguan tobaccos and 5-year-aged Ecuadorian Sun Grown Rosado wrappers. The smoke is robust, balanced, and brimming with the dark, sweet tobacco flavor and spiciness often associated with pre-embargo Cuban cigars. A bold change of pace for the new cigar smoker who wants to step up to a full-flavored cigar, or the veteran who has acquired a palate for a deeper, more complex smoke.

Rocky Patel Sun Grown Maduro Cigars

Rocky Patel Sun Grown Maduro cigars are a full-bodied, no-holds-barred take on Rocky's critically-acclaimed Sun Grown selection for fans of dark, earthy, and spicy cigars. Offered in 4 sizes, including a 5 x 50 robusto, named Cigar Aficionado's 2016 #2 cigar of the year. The core consists of robust Nicaraguan long-fillers and a savory double binder neatly rolled in a toothy, dark-chocolate hued Connecticut Broadleaf maduro wrapper. Expect a wallop of zesty flavors right out of the gate for a balanced, complex, and memorable smoke with a long, peppery finish. In a word: WOW!

Rocky Patel Tavicusa Cigars

Rocky Patel Tavicusa cigars pay homage to the year 2008, when Rocky opened his own cigar factory in the heart of Estelí, Nicaragua. Now, Rocky celebrates the anniversary by releasing a cigar brand named after that boutique factory. Tavicusa is a rich and full cigar featuring decadent tobaccos culled from the fields of Condega, Jalapa, and Estelí, while the Mexican San Andrés wrapper brings the robust smoking experience all together. Add some Tavicusa cigars to your next Famous Smoke Shop order and enjoy this marvelous Rocky Patel masterpiece.

Rocky Patel The Edge Connecticut Cigars

Rocky Patel Edge Connecticut is a toned down version of it's fuller-body sibling, the Edge. This smooth-to-medium iteration is handcrafted with a proprietary blend of 5-year-aged tobacco encased in a Mexican binder and a silky Ecuadorian Connecticut-seed wrapper. Sometimes you want a smooth-mannered cigar like this one.

Rocky Patel The Edge Habano Cigars

Rocky Patel Edge Habano cigars are medium to full-bodied cigars handmade in Nicaragua. The blend is a Nicaraguan puro, a first among the vaunted Edge series. Dark and oily Habano-seed wrappers, accompanied by longfiller and binder tobaccos from Esteli, Condega and Jalapa, give the cigar a full, rich flavor profile with notes of spice, pepper, and cedar with a long finish. A most worthy addition to the Edge legacy.

Rocky Patel The Edge Sumatra Cigars

Rocky Patel Edge Sumatra cigars are one of the hottest sellers in the industry, and it's no wonder why that may be. According to Rocky's website (Patel, not Balboa) Consistency! Consistency! Consistency! is the name of the game. Each one burns like a gem and delivers a medium bodied flavor bomb due to it's unique blend and prized Ecuadorian Sumatra wrapper. It's as exquisite as they come, folks, all at a great price. Get a box of RP Edge Sumatra cigars now!

Rocky Patel Vintage 1990 Cigars

Now you can smoke all-vintage all the time. These mostly box-pressed, medium-bodied cigars have everything you want in a luscious, full-flavored smoke: Gorgeous wrappers, perfect balance, complex flavor, and an inviting aroma. Blended with smooth-smoking, 7-year-aged Dominican & Nicaraguan tobaccos, the '90's sport Honduran Maduro Broadleaf wrappers. A rich, creamy, and naturally sweet indulgence that has become an absolute classic in its own rite, and a must-try cigar.

Rocky Patel Vintage 1992 Cigars

Rocky Patel Vintage 1992 is cut from the definitive Rocky cloth: long on flavor, finish and ratings. A choice blend of five-year aged Dominican and Nicaraguan ligeros and long fillers, wrapped in even more refined dark natural Ecuadorian Sumatra wrappers. Elegant? Decadent? Yes on both counts: RP's Vintage 1992 smokes creamy-smooth, balanced with dark flavors. Offered in a wide variety of sizes from panatela to 60-ring for cool-smoking bliss, Vintage '92 is sure to impress. Buy your box today!

Rocky Patel Vintage 1999 Connecticut Cigars

Rocky Patel Vintage 1999 cigars are a medium-bodied premium selection that has become a hit with cigar smokers 'round the world. Each Rocky Patel Vintage Connecticut 1999 cigar has a perfectly-balanced blend of Dominican & Nicaraguan long-filler tobaccos - all aged 7 years - highlighted by a fragrant 1999 vintage Connecticut wrapper. The cigars are aged 120 days after rolling, and unlike the Rocky Patel Vintage '90 & '92, are NOT box-pressed. A sensationally smooth, toasty, and sweet-tasting cigar that hits on all cylinders.

Rocky Patel Vintage 2003 Cameroon Cigars

Rocky Patel Vintage 2003 cigars are the latest addition to the highly-rated 1990, 1992 & 1999 Vintage series. They boast a perfectly-aged Cameroon wrapper deftly rolled around an 8-year-aged Nicaraguan-Dominican core. This medium-bodied cigar teems with rich, complex flavors; moreover, the Cameroon wrapper augments the smoke with a lingering sweet spice that stimulates the palate, plus hints of cedar, dark chocolate, and espresso on a nutty finish. Another masterpiece from R.P.! Order yours now.

Rocky Patel Vintage 2006 Cigars

Rocky Patel Vintage 2006 cigars - or more specifically - Rocky Patel Vintage 2006 San Andreas cigars, continue Rocky's long tradition of using extra-long-aged wrappers to cap some of his most successful creations. For this fifth "Vintage" installment made at his Estelí, Nicaragua factory, Rocky went with a diverse, all-Nicaraguan core blend framed by a Connecticut Broadleaf binder, and seamlessly rolled it in an 11-year-aged Mexican San Andreas wrapper from an excellent 2006 harvest. Rocky Patel Vintage 2006 cigars are offered in four sizes: Robusto (5½" x 50), Toro (6½" x 52), Churchill (7" x 48), and Six By Sixty (6" x 60) – and according to Rocky, the smoke "delivers with robust flavor and power." Flavors of earthy spice, wood, coffee, and sweet tobacco prevail with several nice surprises along the way. Ideal for enjoying after dinner with your favorite pairing, or that special weekend constitutional on the patio, Rocky Patel Vintage 2006 San Andreas cigars are the perfect complement to your full-bodied cigar collection. Add a box to your cart today!

Romeo By Romeo y Julieta Cigars

Romeo by Romeo y Julieta cigars keep the snips, snails, and puppy dog tails that make up Romeo and left out the sugar, spice, and everything nice synonymous with the fair Juliet. The result is a flavorful full bodied smoke for the ages. This isn't your usual stand-by RYJ stogie, folks. This is one for the ages, winning a spot on the top 25 list in back to back years including the number 3 spot. This stogie ain't no slouch. Get your Romeo by Romeo y Julieta today!

Romeo y Julieta 1875 Cigars

Romeo y Julieta 1875 cigars are rich in taste, high in quality and priced affordably so that every cigar smoker can make them part of their rotation. These classic cigars are handmade with choice, cedar-aged Dominican long-filler tobaccos finished in silky, aromatic Indonesian TBN (shade-grown) wrappers for a well-balanced, medium-bodied smoke with a note of sweet spice on the finish. Presented in boxes of 10, 20, 25, and 5-Packs, Romeo y Julieta cigars are perfect for any occasion.

Romeo y Julieta 1875 Nicaragua Cigars

Released in 2018, Romeo y Julieta 1875 Nicaragua cigars mark the latest edition to this classic, Cuban heritage imprint. Made by Plasencia Cigars in Estelí, this line sports some sharp-looking new threads, too. Using an all-Nicaraguan leaf blend, these puros are distinctively opulent and teeming with earthy, sweet, and spicy notes from end-to-end. The construction is outstanding, and the band colors really standout against the buttery, caramel-colored wrappers. Made in four popular sizes, including the classic "Bully" Robusto and presented in boxes of 25 cigars. Whether you're a devoted fan of the brand, or a cigar smoker who just can't get enough of that rich Nicaraguan taste, this is one Romeo y Julieta your humidor shouldn't be without.

Romeo y Julieta Reserva Real Cigars

Romeo y Julieta Reserva Real cigars are true luxury cigars made with a beautiful hand-selected, aromatic Ecuadorian Connecticut wrapper, Nicaraguan binder, and a vintage blend of Dominican and Nicaraguan tobaccos. The result is a well-balanced, medium-to-full-bodied smoke designed to arouse the senses of even the most demanding cigar smoker. Add a box of this highly-rated Romeo y Julieta cigars selection to your humidor for those special occasions. However, they're so flavorful, you may decide to smoke them every day.

Romeo y Julieta Vintage Cigars

Each Romeo y Julieta Vintage is flawlessly handmade with a blend of 3-year-aged, vintage Dominican Olor tobaccos and silky, high-grade Ecuadorian Connecticut wrappers to achieve a marvelously mellow flavor and aroma. The boxed cigars are presented in lacquered wooden humidor-styled boxes with a refillable humidifier. (Single cigars and 5-packs are packaged individually.) One of the world's most luxurious premium cigars that every smoker of fine cigars should add to their personal collection. Try a box today!

Rosa Cuba Cigars

Rosa Cuba is a handmade, solidly constructed cigar that draws and burns well and delivers genuine black tobacco flavor. An extraordinary value!


Saint Luis Rey Cigars

Saint Luis Rey cigars achieve their renowned full-flavor and aroma using a complex medium-to-full-bodied blend of Honduran, Nicaraguan and Peruvian long-filler tobaccos in your choice of lush, natural Nicaraguan, or Mexican San Andres Morron maduro wrappers. (Some maduros are BOX-PRESSED) Presented in handsome, black lacquered boxes, this highly-rated selection offers you a smooth, well-balanced, and robust smoke. For the price, quality and flavor they offer, these cigars are a great value.

Saint Luis Rey Serie G Cigars

Saint Luis Rey Serie G cigars present a hearty, full-bodied smoke with loads of flavor. These affordably-priced cigars have a spicy Nicaraguan Habano wrapper and a Nicaraguan binder that surround a zesty, well-balanced blend of juicy Honduran and Nicaraguan longfiller tobaccos. The cigar burns well with a firm, stippled ash, as it stealthily blooms into a rich, earthy smoke with notes of cocoa, coffee, and semi-sweet spices. A real treat if you love full-flavored cigars. Order your box now.

Saint Luis Rey Serie G Maduro Cigars

St. Luis Rey Serie G Maduro premium cigars present a true double maduro with a hearty, full-bodied flavor. These cigars sport a thick, oily Connecticut Broadleaf Maduro wrapper with a sweet Connecticut Broadleaf binder that surround a bold, balanced blend of dark Nicaraguan tobaccos. The cigar burns well with a firm, marbled, black-gray ash. The smoke stealthily blooms into a rich, earthy smoke with notes of cocoa, coffee, and semi-sweet spices. A real treat if you love full-flavored cigars.

San Cristobal Cigars

San Cristobal Seleccion Del Sol is the finest new cigar of 2009. Handcrafted by Pepin Garcia, These cigars feature a very special sun-grown wrapper grown on the Garcia family's "Estrella" farm in Esteli, Nicaragua.

San Cristobal Elegancia Cigars

San Cristobal Elegancia is handmade in Nicaragua by the renown Garcia family. This cigar is medium bodied featuring a golden Connecticut-seed wrapper grown in Ecuador made with flawless precision with the finest aged Nicaraguan tobaccos. This delightful cigar is completely unique to what you may find with a Pepin cigar, backing away from the peppery cigars in which we are accustom and making way for a creamy smooth blend that is sure to please your palate and find a regular spot in your humidor.

Sancho Panza Cigars

Sancho Panza cigars are reborn Cuban classics in a rich-tasting, medium-bodied Honduran blend that's extraordinarily mellow and complex at a price so affordable you can smoke them every day. Perfectly balanced with Honduran, Nicaraguan, Dominican Piloto Cubano tobaccos, Connecticut broadleaf binder and a dusky Connecticut Shade wrapper, these highly-rated cigars (with some sizes rated 91 to 93 in Cigar Insider), have become one of the best-tasting best-sellers in the industry.

Sancho Panza Double Maduro Cigars

Smokers who want a full-bodied smoke at an affordable price will embrace these remarkably rich-tasting, BOX-PRESSED cigars. Extra-dark Connecticut broadleaf wrappers hand-selected for their rich, oily quality, are aged four years before rolling, while the Connecticut shade binder is cured to a maduro color, also aged four years, for a richer, sweeter, and smoother smoke. Much more robust than the regular Sancho Panza cigars, the 'Sancho Panza Double Maduro' will remind you of those starry Havana nights!

Sancho Panza Extra Fuerte Cigars

Sancho Panza Extra Fuerte cigars take the rich, savory flavor of Sancho Panza cigars to even richer, more full-bodied heights of flavor. Made with an ALL-Honduran tobacco blend BOX-PRESSED inside sun-grown Havana wrappers, you'll enjoy a smooth, hearty, and earthy smoke without the bite usually associated with full-bodied cigars. If you've had the Sancho Panza Double Maduro cigars, you'll love the depth, and complexity of these cigars. Try a box, bundle or 5-Pack today at our extra-low prices!

Schizo Cigars

Schizo cigars are handmade in Nicaragua by Asylum Cigars, a joint venture between Tom Lazuka and Christian Eiroa, former president of Camacho cigars.

Sindicato Cigars

Sindicato creates unique brands and premium handmade blends catering to the evolving tastes of its customers.

Sindicato Maniac Cigars

Sindicato Maniac is the third blend in a line of premium handmade cigars that has taken the stogie industry by storm. A Nicaraguan beauty covered in a beefy reddish brown wrapper on top aged binder and filler, Maniac is a full bodied cigar with so much aging that it never becomes overpowering. With outstanding construction and a great burn and draw, cedar, wood, sweet tobacco, and black pepper notes dominate a smoke that ends with a nice creamy finish. This edgy brand with wild packaging and a cool looking band will appeal to both the modern smoker and veteran enthusiasts alike.

Sindicato Particulares Cigars

A new rendition of an old Cuban brand, the Sindicato Particulares cigars are a premium line of square-pressed Nicaraguan puros crafted with the finest leaves gathered from the most fertile tobacco growing regions of the country. This sophisticated recipe consists of a savory shade-grown Corojo wrapper from Jalapa and a bold Estelí double leaf binder, surrounding a powerful blend of Jalapa and Estelí long fillers. Cigar connoisseurs will enjoy a medium to full bodied smoke oozing with complex, multi-layered notes of white pepper, baking spices, earth, cocoa, and a sweet honey-like finish.

Smoker Friendly Cigars

Want to know a tobacconist’s dirty little secret? You can buy high quality, premium, handmade long-filler cigars manufactured by some of the world’s best cigar makers…  For less than four bucks a stick. How is this possible you ask? Smoker Friendly premium cigars, that’s how.

Sosa Cigars

Sosa prides itself on providing the finest, handmade premium cigars, produced by expert craftsmen, trained in the old world tradition.

Southern Draw Cigars Special $3.00 off

Supreme Blend Cigars

Manufactured by the renowned Global Tobacco Company in Texas, Supreme Blend Filtered Cigars are smooth, aromatic cigars that will surely give a fresh start to your day.

Sweet Woods Cigars Special $3.00 off

Swisher Sweets Cigars Special $3.00 off

Swisher Sweets are one of the best known machine made cigars on the market. Always true, this consistent brand delivers an enjoyable, pleasant smoke with every light.


Tabak Especial Cigars

Drew Estate, famous for its best-selling flavor infused cigars such as ACID, Natural, and Kahlua, has launched Tabak Especial infused cigars.

Talon Filtered Cigars Special $3.00 off

Talon Filtered Cigars are the perfect stogies for those of you who like to take little breaks from your busy schedules.

Ted's Cigars

From legendary bourbon maker comes some incredible cigars.

The Repeater Cigars

The Repeaters are spicy, medium to full cigars that deliver tons of smoke. You will have a difficult time finding a cheaper handmade stogie.

The Upsetters Cigars

THE UPSETTERS cigars are the most ambitious creation to-date from Nicholas Melillo, architect of The Tabernacle and El Güegüense cigars.

Thunder By Nimish Cigars

A mighty impressive cigar. His cousin Rocky Patel had better watch out!

Tiparillo Cigars Special $3.00 off

Tiparillo Cigars are classic machine made plastic-tipped smokes that are mild, easy-smoking, and priced to please.

Toscano Cigars

Toscano cigars are a world renowned treat hailing from Italy. The tobacco used in these cheroots is Kentucky fire-cured grown in the state Kentucky in the U.S., Italy and Peru.

Trader Jacks Cigars

We've found the aroma and flavor of these beauties to be simply irresistible.


Undercrown Maduro Cigars

Liga Undercrown cigars are a liga privada created by Drew Estate's torcedors for their own personal enjoyment. Their unique Mexican Otapan Negro Último Corte wrapper harvest is delayed by over 4 weeks, resulting in a higher natural sugar content and a richer, creamier flavor. Add the Brazilian Mata Fina and Nicaraguan longfillers, T52 Connecticut stalk cut & cured Habano binder, and you've got a smoke that's lush, smooth, sweet and so marvelously complex, you'll want more. Order yours now.

Undercrown Shade Grown Cigars

A wonderful follow-up to Drew Estate’s enormously popular Undercrown line, the Shade is a lighter bodied offering featuring an Ecuadorian Connecticut wrapper. Accompanying this new leaf is a Sumatran binder and Dominican Criollo, Nicaragua Criollo and Corojo fillers. Upon lighting, you will experience lush and complex flavors of nuts, sweet cream, and toast, with subtle hints of warm spice and honey. Although medium-bodied in strength, those who prefer full body will find the Undercrown Shade equally appealing.

Undercrown Sun Grown Cigars

Liga Undercrown Sun Grown cigars are the third edition in this highly-acclaimed line extension from Drew Estate Cigars. Created in another collaborative effort between Willy Herrera and the Undercrown factory blending team - the same team that created the Liga Undercrown Shade - the recipe starts with a mouthwatering Ecuadorian sun grown Sumatra seed wrapper. For the binder they used a Connecticut River Valley stalk cut & cured, sun grown Habano leaf that complements a muscular blend of prime Nicaraguan long-fillers. To augment the strength of the blend, an extra-long-aged Ligero leaf from the Nueva Segovia region along the Honduras border was also added to the mix. Once lit, the chewy smoke issues a well-balanced, full-bodied profile that's rich and spicy with a note of natural sweetness. "Challenging Willy Herrera and the Undercrown Blending Team to create the new expression after finally securing sun grown tobacco is extremely exciting, as we have tried to secure this Sumatra Ecuador tobacco for over 15 years," said Drew Estate Prez, Jonathan Drew. Liga Undercrown Sun Grown cigars are offered in boxes of 25 cigars all-handcrafted in seven popular sizes. More than just another "must-smoke" for Drew Estate fans, this Sun Grown selection is sure to WOW cigar smokers of every stripe.


VegaFina Cigars

VegaFina cigars are handmade in The Dominican Republic at Tabacalera de Garcia. The cigars are blended with a diverse recipe of Dominican, Colombian, and Honduran tobaccos bound in an Indonesian TBN (shade-grown) binder, then rolled in an attractive, lightly tanned Ecuadorian Connecticut wrapper. You'll enjoy a well-balanced, mild to medium-bodied smoke that's creamy, woody, nutty and naturally sweet on the finish. Great for everyday, the prices are reasonable, too. Order your box now.

Villiger Braniff Cigars

The long cigarillo produced from a selected blend of top quality tobaccos. Finest Java, Virginia, Burley and Maryland tobaccos are the basis for its fine and aromatic flavors.

Villiger Cigars

This famous brand began in 1888 and continues today as one of the world's most respected producers of cigarillos and small cigars!

Villiger Export Cigars

Villiger Export cigars use the finest cigar tobaccos from the world's most fertile growing regions in order to offer you the greatest possible enjoyment at a very reasonable price. Using the finest Cuban seeds, Villiger Exports are available in a natural Sumatra or Brazilian Arapiraca Maduro wrapper, each box-pressed, for a rich, smooth taste that will leave you wanting more. Pick up a box or pack today and see why everyone goes wild for Villiger.


White Owl Cigars Special $3.00 off

Dependable and consistently good every time!

Winchester Cigars Special $3.00 off

Winchester cigars are an American machine made original since 1972 and is filled with top quality tobacco without the fruity taste.



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